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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Universal Life Church

By Scott Phillips
In Him By Him Through Him
You cannot give what you do not have

Do you have any bread in the house? This is the question the man heard at the door in dark dead of night. This man awakened from his sleep whispering to his neighbor who found himself in a fix, company came and he did not have anything to feed them, so he went to someone who he knew would have bread in the house.

What an indictment. To have unexpected visitors and have nothing for them. It occurred to me as I prayed tonight, that you couldn't give what you do not have.

Peter looked at the blind man with confidence, he did not have what the man wanted, but he had what the visionless man needed. The blind man was looking for a penny, but Peter possessed power and the
knowledge of it unlocked something inside of Peter. He could look at everyone he had met before in a new way, because he knew he had to give what everyone needed.

I have thought along these lines in the past. I have known people who could not seem to provide any affirmation or support and it sprang from their own deep sense of deficit. I have known the braggart and boaster who in truth only covered for the deep sense of inferiority. How many times have I seen and heard of situations of men who should have a deep sense of who they are in God, feel threatened and try to tamp down anyone else, because they might shine brighter.

My philosophy is this, If I see someone on fire and being used of God, I want to pour gas on them to see them be even more effective.  I know who I am in God and this knowledge helps me in two ways. Number one, I know that I have value and number two I know I need you. The greatest gift we can possess is the ability to recognize and give honor to those who are being used by God. So often we only pay this to those in position, when often those God is using have not yet reached position. Remember Saul was fearful in his
tent, when David slew the giant. David was not eyeing Saul, but Saul felt threatened by David. Rather than rejoicing with the young man, he sought to kill him.

Have you ever felt yourself in a situation where a person had a need, and you did not feel you possessed the substance to meet that need? If we are honest, we all have been there. The word that I ponder and the prayer I am praying, "Let there be bread in my house."

"Lord I don't pray only for your blessing, but I pray that you would help me to possess what those I will encounter need. If they need a word of wisdom, let wisdom be in my heart. If they need faith, let it be in my mouth. If they need love and support, let it be in my spirit. Let me not feel bankrupt of spiritual currency when I meet the visionless man in my path. Let me have to give to he that asketh."

Rejoice in the Lord.
You possess all things.

In Him, By Him, Through Him,


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