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Friday, July 23, 2010

Online Sermons

By Rev. Jimmy Warren
Gathering the Harvest

Beloved, I come to you again to have you know with certainly that God
loves you more than you will ever know. God and his son Jesus loved you so
much that they where willing to split their family to give each and everyone
of us the chance to become an heir to God's Kingdom and to share eternal
life with them. (John 3:16 )

We all need to be on our knees everyday praying for the harvest because
our Lord Jesus is on his way back to save all those who love Him and his
Father and to do away with those who will not obey. See our article, "You Only
Live Twice" on this site.

What is the harvest you say? Well its you and me folks. Have you ever
asked yourself, "Why are there so many churches?" Well, there are so many of
us and our personalities are so vast that each of us need a different kind
of person to reach us and teach our minds. This is why there are so many churches.

We need to pray for the harvest of people but we also need to pray for
laborers to help bring in the harvest. If you feel that you have been
called to share in the gospel, or feel called to the ministry,then become
ordained through the Universal Life Church and serve God in your own way.

I would ask that those interested read the book "40 Days of Purpose" by
Pastor Rick Warren. This book will help all of you to understand what
you, as a fellow human, need to be doing to help bringing the harvest. Read
Matthew 9:36-38

Pray for God to move on others, to teach and preach about the
forthcoming Kingdom of God; it is your duty. Don't just rely on your pastor or
church; get out yourself, have bible studies in your home,and talk to your
neighbors and friends. Read Heb.3:13-15 and Heb. 4:1

Take time to help strangers, go with your feelings when moved by the
Holy Spirit; you don't know who you might be helping. The time of the end is
near and we need to reach all kinds of people. We have to be like others to
reach them, especially young people who are turned off by religion. When we
read in Luke 7:35-38, we see how to behave toward our enemies. Then how should we treat those we know?

I run into young people all the time who say that religion is a
conspiracy brought on by our governments and the churches of the world. I counter
this idea by asking how a grand conspiracy on a scale never heard of before
could last two thousand years? We can't even keep a small thing covered up
for very long without someone spilling the beans.

We read in Matthew 10:13-16 that we must all come before Christ as
little children. This means we need to trust and come with open arms to God. A
lot of churches have missed the point of our dear Lord and Savior's message
of forgiveness. They have gone way over board in preaching about doom and
gloom. Read our article, "Why do you go to church"

All Jesus ever preached was forgiveness; He even said, "I come not to
judge,but to forgive." Read Mark 10:24-31. Beloved, we must be ready to give up everything to be in the kingdom and to help others make it. We must be willing to give up our lives to help our fellow brothers and sisters make it. What do I mean when I say, "We must be willing to give our lives." Our life is our time, and we need to be spending more of it in helping others reach the Lord. Amen

Let God tell you what to say to others, or wait till God opens your
mouth; don't be afraid to speak the word of God.Mark 10:20 says, "He that wins souls must be wise."

Jesus loves you so much that he laid down his life and died a miserable
death so YOU could be with him and The Father in The Kingdom of God
forever. Isn't this worth sharing with those around us, our lives and time?
Think on this and ask yourself, "What am I doing to help those around me?"

Beloved, we are told that there is no greater commandment than to love
one another. "As I have loved you," is what Jesus himself said, so how can
we be expected to do any less? We must take the message of Jesus to the
world, the whole world.

It is time for us all to read the bible for what it really says,and not
what a bunch of preachers say it says. Read it for yourself; you will be
amazed at how simple the word of God is. We are to follow the example of Jesus
and be forgiving to all who treat us wrong. We must repent and change our
ways to be good stewards of our creator.

Beloved, I reiterate. We are running out of time, the end is very near.Don't you want all those you love to be in the kingdom of God? All people are our brothers and sisters and we are commanded to love our brothers as ourselves. The time is now. Where are you right now? Are you doing your part, or are you like the rest of the world, just looking out for yourself?

All of us will be face to face with God The Father soon, and will have to give an account for our lives. Have you thought about this? Again the time is NOW!

Don't sit down and give up. Stand up for the Lord and be ready to be received in the kingdom of our God and our Savior Jesus Christ. Your eternal life is counting on it, be ready.

Amen and all praise be to God.
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