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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Universal Life Church

Big Bang vs. Creation
By Rev. Samantha Phenix

I chose this topic based on a rather unexpected 4 day vision quest in which this was the first of 2 visions given to me on the 3rd day. My personal theory based on my current understanding and knowledge, is the big bang theory and creationism are one and the same. The conflicts in science and theology is only in understanding and not, in my opinion, due to conflicts of events. Advocates for both sides continue to try and prove the other to be wrong. I say, they are both right, merely two different perspectives of the same event.

Most of all, it is the linier time frames that cause the greatest confusion. Without going into another theory, take a perspective of an infinity preceding the creation of human flesh, Adam & Eve (Gen.2), and the Gregorian time frame around the time of the flood.(Gen.4&5) With this perception, it is logically possible for both to be truth.Shortly before the vision, I was contemplating and conversing on some aspects of creationism with another party in the vision quest. As we spoke I paused with the images of the vision....I looked out over what appeared to be a never ending sea of slowly swirling fog. The fog was filled with an innumerable amount of glistening sparks. The fog had a conscience about it, one, yet many as one. The conscience understood its chaos and thought to create form by balancing its energies. [we will label those masculine(positive) and feminine (negative) ] In the moment of this thought, there was an immense explosion, much like a nuclear division of a single cell.

After the flash of the ignition cleared, the scene had changed. To one side a brilliant light radiated (pure positive energy), on the other side, there was a void of darkness (Pure negative energy), and in the middle was a spark kindled from the explosion, existing of a perfectly balanced union of positive and negative energy, the birth of one pure neutral essence in harmony with all existence ( the Christ energy). This spark had a radiance that illuminated the expanse between the two energies,creating a shimmering vale around the central realm that was once in chaos. This area now had form, physical matter was birthed into the midst with orbs of many different types and characteristics, all unique in their creation.....In asking for understanding in the interpretation of this vision, I connected with the positive energy, or the masculine conscience.

It had only one basic emotion in its knowledge and understanding which was Love, the truest sense of unconditional love I've ever felt. I also received its most basic truth, even separated by individual form, it remained one. The connection had a vibrant energizing essence.I then connected with the negative energy, or feminine conscience. In its purity, it was just as peaceful as the positive energy, however, it had a draining effect on the positive energy that came into contact with it. It felt only the separation, and though it retained all the knowledge of its partnered energy, it lacked the understanding created by the sense of love, being void of emotion without the love of the positive energy permeating through it. In this deceptive perception of separation, the second most powerful emotion was birthed, and it was Fear. From this fear, was birthed all deception throughout the now physical realm of chaos.Even now in our realm of chaos, the two greatest powers in effect are Love and Fear. In these, our world is manifest through the positive and negative energies utilized by all of creation, physical and metaphysical.

Rev. Samantha Phenix June 9th, 2005


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