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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Universal Life Church

Freedom of Religion Limited?
By Rev. Herbert Fuchs

Sounds like a company ? it isn't.

It rather is a real unorganized and continuing problem on our schools. Almost every other day in the headlines of our news-media, a remark of misconduct for a student, a teacher suspended from duty, and so on.

Did anyone ever analyze what "Freedom of Religion" really means?

I guess "Freedom of Religion" means that we all can believe in whatever we want and that we are able to proclaim our belief (together with our "Freedom of Speech") whenever and wherever we want.

What I didn't know is that this does not include our children. Nevertheless, as much as I searched in our Constitution, I could not find any exclusion of children!

All this appears very simple. Our children are not supposed to practice their religion in school, because this would then possibly offend, confuse or at least influence children of any other religious belief?.

If I correctly translate that, it means that we all can have our opinion and religious belief, but we can't practice this belief in order not to bother others, at least not children because they can be influenced, confused, or offended.

If that is so, we should stop selling newspaper over the counter too and better put it together with playboy magazine under cover on the top shelf in our stores. We then should classify even speeches of our honorable President at least PG13 or higher, because he openly says that he is praying to God.

The good part for me , I will be able to cut the allowance of my children by law, because on all our money is printed "In God we trust."

Now, am I confused or not?

Truth is?.

Our great country came a long way and one reason is surely that it made the law of God to its own law. We live in the greatest country of this entire world, with all liberties and freedoms possible. Now, how about these cut backs? Even our President prays to God!

I guess in that case, our Constitution is equally abused like our Bible. Some people just can't stop explaining things their way ? thinking that the majority of us can't read themselves.

(I defended this Constitution for many years proudly in an US Army uniform!)

To the surprise of many Americans, there are other countries with "Freedom of Religion" which are capable to handle this right just fine. They even have classes in Religion in school - voluntary participation and divided by denominations. Every child has the right to receive religious instructions in their belief , if they want!. The instructors are voluntary Christian Ministers of all the different denominations , I would not know one single church who would not volunteer! This way, our children would have real "Freedom of Religion."

Fact is, that children from private religious schools are far lesser involved in crime or substance abuse. Official statistics proof that! Therefore, it can't be too bad to bring religion into our schools. Same right for everybody, " my children are in public schools." I can't afford sending my three children to a private school.

I hope nobody will argue that it would be very complicated to implement religious instruction in our schools. I get daily school papers to sign for all types of things, taking school pictures, organizing a field trip, making a collection for a special event, and one more per year would not make a difference at all.

The church has a great social function too, in crime and drug prevention, counseling for domestic violence, alcohol abuse. All this and more is greatly accepted and appreciated in our society, why do we want to cut out our children from it?

Let us read the Constitution as it was written and not like anyone else tries to explain it to us in a secondary or personal interest.

Mr. President, would there be anyone able to put an end to this "American Joke of Religion"?

Should we pray for that? (Outside of public schools certainly!)

God bless you, and our great country!

Pastor Fuchs

Church of Jesus Christ in Lutheran Belief


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