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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Course in Miracles

Okay, I've had six lessons now and no one is discussing any of this. Where are you? Is the information so overwhelming that you don't know where to begin a comment?

Let me try to get the ball rolling.

When I teach people to open up to intuition, I often tell them to tend to many of the Intellect-centered Messages below. Now, I need to rethink my advice.

I own all three books, I can't find the second one. I also have two workbooks. When I saw this course, I thought at last I could find someone else who read the work. I know you're out there.

Even if I end up talking to the writer, I guess it will be someone, but I hoped for more of you.

Read the following. I challenge you to post!

I. Intellect-centered messages might:

A. be based on scarcity, fear, or guilt

B. be based on protecting oneself

C. be compelling, with no time to reflect

D. be quick answer, and feel out of context with your flow

E. is the first thing to come to mind

F. feels like a desperate need.

II. Intuitive-centered messages are:

A. loving and reassuring

B. persistent

D. encouraging and positive

E. not usually demanding immediate action

F. rarely radical without smaller steps to initiate change.


Blessed Be!

Rev. Sally Franklin Christie, D. D.
Bozeman, Montana


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