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We have posted a lot of sermons from our Universal Life Church ministers. Some are Christian and some are not. You are welcome to use them or just enjoy them as you like.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Universal Life Church

By Evensong
Musings on Winter Solstics

The Sun skips in and out of the clouds like a child playing hide and seek, but mostly there is a brightness to this Solstice Day, if not in the skies, then at least in my heart. As the Sun, now reborn, gains eminence in the sky, the Wheel of the Year turns once again. And I receive this sign in my own life as well, as a promise of brighter days ahead. Even the Winds speak of this, hailing our shores from the Southwest, the South symbolizing Fire and the West symbolizing Water. ?Opposites?, as are the day and night, blending in beauty, reminding me that there is but one Source and origin of both Fire and Water, which alone can create a balanced union of the two, to produce a wildly beautiful midwinter day. And with this Solstice wind comes also a newborn sense of freedom out of this union, which to the mind might ordinarily suggest impossibility, chaos, or adversity.Yet from these opposites, suggesting the impossible dream, yin and yang, anima and animus, magnetic and dynamic, spring forth all the powers of Creation! I stand in awe of the simplicity and yet the magnitude of this truth. Then I am reminded that this same Forcedwells within all beings, and within myself as well.I stand along the shore with my face toward that Wind and feel the energy of the pounding surf pour over my soul as the waves pour over the beach. With this benediction from Nature, I yield up a prayer of gratitude for all the surprising ways in which this message about opposites and impossibilities made possible will work its way into my life. And I receivethem with a joyful heart filled with hope. Perhaps I have too long dwelt upon and reworked what is no longer working in my life. But as these thoughts wash over me as I feel the smile of this midwinter Sun, I realize that the darkness of this phase is passing, for it must give way to the Light, just as the Wheel of the Year turns again. And in that turning there is always hope!In moments like this there is no room for thoughts of fear, scarcity, war, terrorism, or fragmentation. Or even the madness that seems to overtake the commercial world of the Holidays, in whatever religious tradition one seeks to observe them. There is only hope that smiles down upon us with the return of the Sun/Son of the Light. If there is no room for the Light in the Holiday Inn of Madness, then let there be room for this Light in our hearts, bringing with it a sense of extra ordinary ?stable-ity?. For when this Light comes, we can see our way through the darkest nights of our souls and be transformed by them. Indeed whatever darkness we may feel is always dispelled by this Light. And so it will always be.May quiet courage, inner peace, outer tranquility,joy, hope, radiant love, abundance, healing and wholeness be with us all as we journey through this Holiday Season , and as we find our way into the new year! Brightest blessings!


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