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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Sermons

By Scott Phillips
The Greatest Gift You Can Give

The kindest thing that we can do, is to offer ourselves in prayer for someone else. It is our nature to pray for ourselves and the things that directly pertain to us. However we demonstrate spiritual maturity when our devotion reaches beyond our own concerns and questions.

When we can reach not just toward God, but as we reach toward God, to reach towards others being a reconciling force in the lives of people. This is the sign of spiritual significance. This is a level of maturity we must all realize. This is the calling of all.

If you have been born again, your eventual task is to see others experience this same miraculous experience.

Some like to keep this experience to themselves for fear of not being understood or sadly, often because a lack of understanding on our part of what is needed to help others experience this same joy.

This Joy of unspeakable peace.

A portion of the Holy Presence that is Christ.

My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you," Galatians 4:19 KJV

The Need for Spiritual Children. We need to see our need for children. The yearning in the heart of a mother is for children.

The heart of the church must be touched with a desire and hunger for offspring.

This offspring will come from intimacy with the Presence of the Lord. From this, a birthing will take place.

And then responsibility begins. We must transition from one level to the other, so that we are not just thinking of ourselves, but those who the Lord is about to bring into this place. They are going to come from this desire for children.

When they come, we must love them like they are our family, our children, our flesh. Wrap your arms around them, wrap your heart
around them and bear them up in our arms.

Arms of Faith,

Arms of Prayer,

Arms of Love,

Arms of Fellowship,

In Him, By Him, Through Him, To Him,

Scott Phillips


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