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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Universal Life Church

Have you ever considered how memorial day can be attributed to Christianity?  I look at it like this.  We have Christmas to represent Christs' birth and Easter for the resurrection.  But if he had not died on the cross for our sins we would not be able to have everlasting life.  Therefore, when you go this memorial day and celebrate the loss of your loved ones, why not add Christs' death on the cross to the list?
I've seen people who have given their lives to save others, and they are celebrated every year at this time.  Never once have I heard anyone celebrating the sacrifice Christ did for all of us at calvary.  Mose people would say that the people we celebrate during memorial day are mainly heroes of our military.  But I say this, I agree heroes they are, but to me the biggest hero of all was our lord Jesus Christ.  had it not been for him, I would not have eternal life.
I spent many years of my life in the military myself, and know exactly what the cost of life really is.  However, now that my faith has grown i know more about what life is.  With life comes a temporal death.  But  with the sacrifice that Christ gave us, I don't have to worry about a spiritual death.  There are actually many passages in the bible that are referenced to Memorials of others, and other heroes as well.  Memorial day should be considered a christian holiday as well as easter and christmas.  Of course this is only my opinion.  
Consider yourselves heroes too.  Anyone who calls themselves a christian and actually observes the laws and commandments of god should be considered da hero as well. Considering the sacrifices made by those of biblical times, and those of our time as well.  The sacrifices we have to make to be Christians are astronomical.
So, when you talk about heroes that we have lost on our next memorial day, remember to add those who gave their all even in biblical times.

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