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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Becoming a minister

My whole life has been interwoven with the art of healing.  Over 45 years in the comprehensive medical field and now in alternative “energy” medicine as a practitioner and instructor.

Even as a youngster, I would pretend I was a nurse or teacher and dream of working with the sick and the dis-ease process of the body.  My religious background was mixed.  My Roman Catholic grandfather and my Methodist grandmother were very much an influence in my young years.  I married my childhood sweetheart Fred and had two great boys, Fred and Todd.  His career consisted of many corporate transfers resulting in the tasting of many churches and different theological beliefs.  But I always found God wherever I moved.  I learned later, God has always been in my heart and soul and knew me even before I was born.  My healing gifts were given to me and it was my soul’s journey to find my earthly path to use them.

God combined my love for healing and my love for God’s hurting children and gave me a Healing Ministry which I choose to call “Touch of Healing”.  It is the practice of using our hands and heart to do hands-on-healing for family, friends, animals and clients.  It is the same method Jesus used over 2000 years ago.  When I discovered I could get my Bachelor Degree in Energy Medicine, I completed it in Oct. 2007 at age 66. 

I also have a great love for the Native Americans and visit the Navaho and Hopi reservations whenever I can.  We share a love for ceremony and ritual to honor the Great Creator.  To pray the prayers of gratitude for harmony and balance of mother earth and to heal the people and animals who walk the earth.

God’s sense of humor is wonderful.  When I set up my practice, I was told that in Texas we could not “touch” anyone unless we were a massage therapist, a medical professional, or a minister.  I had my degree as a medical professional, but I thought, “I better cover myself against malpractice and become a minister”.  I applied to ULC.  The day…. The very day… that I received my accreditation as a minister…. I had three new clients call.  Guess what?  They all had “spiritual issues” and wanted to see me.  I really had to laugh.  It was as though God said… you got the paper honey, now you will have to step up to the plate and work for it.  I can feel the big smile on God’s face.

I marvel at the framed ULC certification hanging in my office.  How did this all happen?

My dreams as a young child have been fulfilled; I am a missionary for the Lord, and also get to do what I love most.  A Healing practitioner and teacher in Houston, Texas.  What a joy it is to tell my story and to tell how much God loves his children.  Yep, we are God’s kids and Abba loves us.

Rev. Patricia Fleury


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