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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wiccan Studies course

Final Exam Essay - How Wicca Has Changed My Life
          This course gave me a cleansing clarity about life and how my studies can benefit those around me.  "An ye harm none, do as thou wilt" has been my motto, my coat of arms, so to speak.  The knowledge I gained will keep my soul traveling on that path of white light, and it also allow me to share the goodness of that light with others.
          Wicca is a special belief that uses Nature and cleanses negativity.  I have several people and a couple of friends who come to me regularly with heaviness in their hearts and souls, and I have been able to cleanse their psyches and give them a foundation in the basic belief that Nature and goodness will help them to a healing path.
          That said, this course has been better than any book I could buy.  It added to what I have already learned through intensive reading, but provided me with actual scenarios of the proper way to perform rituals, etc.  Setting up an altar properly was very important; the only addition I made was my love of purple, so I do surround myself with it whenever possible.
          I have been able to help friends and others to understand that Wicca is not a negative thing but a belief system that draws on the white light in Nature to make us one with it.  We come from Nature, at death we return to it, and during our lifetimes, we thank Nature by the basic and advanced rituals taught in this course.  I have helped them to understand that Nature's white light is like an outpouring of grace and to be careful for what they wish.  
          It has also helped me to show that what we give comes back to us triply and am proud to say that I talked a couple of people out of verbal or job retaliations that would blacken their aura and bring them a negative karmic payback.  I was fired from my job in June because I had been ill - my former boss actually fired me via email because I was sick and couldn't go in to the office.  He told me my replacement was starting July 6th but if I felt up to it, I could go in those last few days of June to help him with his billing.  I didn't go but not out of spite: I truly did not have the strength.  Yet I did a blessing at home for him.  And yes, he did receive his karmic payment which I heard about literally as a fluke.  A friend of mine who works for another firm within his office space and she said he hired the new person at an hourly rate that was a lot lower then mine and that she is not working out.  Her bosses even said "when you buy cheaply, you don't get the best."  Did I gloat?  No - I hoped for enlightenment for him. 
          A typical reaction would have been a nasty call or email to him, but I took three cleansing breaths and re-assessed the situation.  Those cleansing breaths brought me clarity and I was able to see that it was his law practice to run as he pleased.  I wrote him a brief note saying I was sad the job had not worked out because I thought we made a good team and wished him all the best.  Had I not done that and remembered the Rede, I would have done something stupid, I'm sure.
          This course has helped me embody the Wiccan beliefs I have always had even further.  I feel that I am more whole in mind and soul because of this wonderful course.  It has given me the ability to comfort those around me who need it, and to help them see that with the help of Nature and white light and grace, they can reshape their lives and cleanse their souls. 
Rev. Rita Milo
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