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Friday, November 13, 2009

Spiritual Healing

Dearest Faith,
To answer all of your questions, here is what I have to say.
Healing of this nature improves attitudes and quality of life.
It can be given for anything.
There are absolutely No side effects.
This ability works directly with the client's energies to heal the body.
It is the ability of the healer to touch and transfer energy.We do this by what is known as "Laying on of Hands."
A healer moves into a non - ordinary state of consciousness to effect healing.
You may experience heat, tingling, vibration, coldness, or all of these at once.
You may also experience no sensation at all.
This all depends on the ability of the healer, but also on the will of the client to become well again.
The Human Aura is an extension of the human body and is a shimmering collection of translucent colors that surround the body.
Illness will often manifest in the human aura.
Physical health and well being are directly linked to this field.
If the body, mind, soul, spirit, etc., are neglected, this causes an aura pattern disturbance, filtering down through the rest of the aura, causing disease.
No, this treatment causes no pain.
Sometimes, only one visit is needed, sometimes more, depending on the needs of the client.
Also, symptoms of your illness may worsen before they are relieved.
Healing can also speed up recovery from serious illness or injury.
What I will do during these treatments, is walk you through each step as I do it.
This way, you are not uncomfortable with anything as I do the treatments.
I will first align myself with the Universal Energy Field.
I will then ask permission of your "Higher Self" to enter your energy field.
I will lean forward, placing my hands on your shoulders.
I will move around you in a clockwise direction, feeling the pulse in your wrist.
I will then place my hand on or above your Solar Plexus, to align myself with your energy field.
I will proceed with my assessment.
After my assessment, I will see if I can intuitively recieve an impression of what is causing your illness.
Once this is done, we will discuss where to proceed with the healing, so you are as comfortable as possible with my treatments.
It is absolutely Not necessary to have any religious faith at all for this to work.
No, this is absolutely false. We work directly with Higher Source Energies to accomplish what it is that we do.
We may also sometimes call on our Ancestors in Spirit to assist us with our work.
This work has been scientifically validated in over 150 Published Studies.
No, I cannot nor can any healer, for that matter, guarantee any kind of a cure.
Sometimes what we know as a "Miracle" will happen and a cure will be immediate.
It depends on the client.
No. I do not recommend that you stop any Medications or other treatments that you are receiving from any Medical Professional.
These treatments that I am doing on you, are meant to be complimentary to any of your current treatments by your regular Medical Professional.
We will discuss cost when we meet. Most costs are on a sliding scale, or the client's ability to pay for treatments.
I hope that this answers your questions.
I look forward to meeting with you.
Rev. Melissa


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