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Friday, November 13, 2009

Veteran's Day bloodbath

Dear David and friends,
Usually I don't get too wrapped up in national holidays, but this Veteran's Day has been the exception.  After watching another bloodbath at the hands of another Islamic fundamentalist (one who reads and obeys Koran literally) take place at Fort Hood, I find it exceedingly difficult to remember and obey what our Lord Jesus Christ said to his followers..."love your enemies...pick up your own cross...go forth as sheep in the midst of wolves and be harmless as doves... remembering that my Kingdom is not of this world or my servants would fight".  Are you having the same problem? 
All of us who served in the military in war zones like Vietnam are now having those memories revisit us as we grieve for the soldiers slain at Fort Hood.  There is a war going on between my mind and my heart.  My carnal mind, that needs to be "renewed" each day, really each hour of the day by the indwelling truth given by the Holy Spirit who dwells with my heart, has overwhelmed me with anger and hatred towards these demon-possessed fanatics that kill for their false God, Allah.  I am having trouble distinguishing between the sin and the sinner who is only acting out of the natural tendencies of the sin nature we all were born with.  The evil that mankind is capable of has no bounds, as I recall the last article I wrote about Hitler and his Christian roots.  God hates the sins in all of us, but does not hate our souls and spirits, and wants to forgive us and wash us clean in is love so that we can be part of his coming millennial Kingdom. 
I know these thoughts of hatred toward other men who do such evil deeds, and thoughts of patriotic militant pride that begs for war against evil men, nations, and religions, are not sent to my mind by the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are coming from my old religious-political-military flesh that refuses to acknowledge its sin nature and the truth that all nations, including America, are temporarily ruled by fallen angels.  We as followers of Jesus must acknowledge these temptations, be honest with each other and the Lord who lives in us, and not bow the knee to this kind of thinking.  This is exactly what the fallen angels and Satan want us to think, so we ignore, or at least set aside for a time, the teachings of Jesus I stated above. 
Remember my veteran brothers and fellow Christians, our Lord is coming back to judge the living and the dead, and to separate the good from the evil, the sheep from the goats, the faithful from the foolish.  Resurrected and glorified Christians will be with him on that day and will participate as his Army in the one-sided bloodbath called Armageddon, according to Revelation 19.  This is the only "just war" that Christians should anticipate, and until then, when we are resurrected, we are the Lord's ambassadors going forth as harmless sheep calling all of our enemies to the bloody cross of Jesus for the washing away of their sin nature.  
All the signs written in the prophetic scriptures now coming to fulfillment point to his glorious bodily return.  They all center in Jerusalem!   This means the infamous Antichrist is also soon coming to set up his false Kingdom of Heaven, which begins with him making peace between the Jews in Israel and her Islamic enemies.  What happened in Fort Hood will only intensify the chaos and threat of more wars, even nuclear, so that when this Antichrist establishes a peaceful order in the Holy Land many will then begin to look upon this man as the Savior.  Keep in touch, David.
Your eternal friend,
Wishing you all good things.......

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