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Monday, November 02, 2009


Final paper for Paganism Course:
Life is Sacred.  Nature is Sacred.  Humanity is Sacred.  Every particle of creation is Sacred.  So believe the Pagans of the past and present.  Why then are there so many religions and so many lost souls walking around in a daze, looking for something to believe in and hold to as their core of existence?
I have spent, literally, a lifetime looking for the truth of my creation and my Creator.  I have studied many religious groups and their beliefs.  I have joined some in hopes of finding the truth.  But alas, nothing.  I have always been curious and my mind craves knowledge.  Knowledge based on what is, and not on what we wish it would be.
I found great comfort in studying Paganism.  Finally, a group of people who understood creation and the Creator.  Simple, straightforward, belief in the Sacred.  In Paganism, the human is not some flawed, frightened  little creature, cowering in the corner, waiting for his master to inflict unbearable punishments on him.  The human is Sacred.  We make our own decisions and live our own lives and we hold ourselves entirely responsible for the outcomes, so say the Pagans, and they are absolutely correct.
We must not hurt or cause harm to anyone or anything.  We must have a sense of honor and self respect.  We must also respect all that has been created and is there for us to share in it's greatness.  Blessed be to all and everything.
I sat on the beach, looking out onto the ocean and marveled at it's beauty and trembled at it's strength.  I felt very small and  I felt respect for the water's power over us.  I wondered, what is religion anyway?  And where do I fit in this picture?  Who or what is God? 
I pondered and meditated on this for  many years.  Now, I believe that God is not a he or a she or even and it.  God is the great force of life, the great blast of energy inside the Big Bang!  I pictured it as a rocket in the fourth of July fireworks show.  God is the gigantic explosion and we are all the little bits of fire that falls to the earth, right after the explosion.  We are all part of the great essence.  All part of that which is God, which is life itself.  That force, that energy is within us and that is who we are.
As I sat on the beach, in my mind's eye, I saw, there walking out of the water,  a shape of a monk with his hood covering his features.  I thought, OK?! What is this about?  Who are you?  When the figure was a few inches away, the monk pulled back the hood and to my was me!
Of course!!  It is me!  It has to be me!!  The only way to find God is in me and in so doing become closer to creation and all it's Blessedness.
The Pagans have it right.  Sacredness, self responsibility, Blessedness are what will make our existence on this earth worthwhile.  We are not flawed, sinful creatures, needing to be saved from ourselves.  We are guardians of the earth, keepers of the truth, and God's expression of love.  Many religions try to make us feel ashamed of our bodies, of our thoughts, of our feelings and they love to tell everyone how they will burn in the pits of hell!  Follow us or you will be sorry.  We will teach you what to believe and what to do.
It is not my intention to offend anyone's beliefs,  what I write here, is simply my point of view as to the path I have chosen for myself.   Paganism is a religion and it has clergy,  but it has no dogma and it is the individual's responsibility to behave in such a manner as to cause no harm to another.  I have found myself comforted in studying Paganism.  it has shown me a world before organized religion and controlled religious beliefs.  We were created free and happy.  I am not here to be a source of entertainment  for some higher being, but to enjoy life.  Paganism was here at the beginning.  The Pagans knew the wonders of the creation and the Creator.
I say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  That applies to my chosen way of spirituality.
There are many pagan paths from which to choose what fits your beliefs.  I tend strongly towards the Druid path of spirituality.  Others, Wicca and so forth.
Thank you for offering this course. I have studied Shamanism, Druidism, and Wicca, each in their own individual courses.  This course pulled it all together for me and now life seems a little happier and fuller.
Blessed be, till we speak again.
Rev. Nitza Luz Melgar, ULC Minister


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