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Monday, November 09, 2009

Christian Studies

Master of Religion Course   Lesson 5     Comments

I found this lesson very interesting in that it related the Bible to the world around us showing its relevance to our daily lives.

Many people feel that the Bible has no relation to our present existence, feeling that it is out of touch with modern thought.  The content of this lesson proves otherwise when we see the Bible pre-empting modern occurrences.

To date the Creation from the Bible, we find that it gives a date of only a few thousand years before the birth of Christ, and this makes people doubt the Bible when science, for all its faults, has proved that the world is millions of years old.  But is this really against the Bible?

I believe that the story of the Creation given in the first chapter of Genesis is an attempt by the Jewish religious leaders of the day to provide a background and reason for the beginning of creation. Naturally, they did not have the knowledge that we have today so a plausible (at that time) story was made up to fit the known facts and characters of the religion.

As I understand it, science claims that the world was formed by what is termed 'the Big Bang'. Could this not be God's way of creation?  The fact that it was millions of years ago to us, surely matters not to God to whom a thousand years is but as yesterday!
Having created the earth, He proceeded to populate it with plants, animals, birds etc in His own good time. Eventually, He made human beings as the culmination of His work, who were in is image in that they were given intelligence and self-will to run the world as they wished.  With all the beauty and majesty of the earth around us, who can doubt the work of a master planner?

By Rev. Derek Kemp


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