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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Final Essay – Spirit Quest – Master of Metaphysics  

Rev. Nancy Kimes 

This study course is a great course for those beginning their path and while serving others through ministerial pursuits. One of the deepest studies in this course is lesson 13, "Your Spiritual Path". Not many know or understand that we choose our parents and our experiences. This understanding is needed to make wiser choices and take responsibility for ourselves. If one learns this it can change the course of their life and make giant steps on their spiritual path. Lessons can be learned quicker and bring more awareness to making conscious choices.
One has the opportunity to sense that their thoughts are things and will project what they are thinking outside as well as inside of themselves, emotions such as fear and love. All thoughts stem from one or the other. This is an opportunity to make conscious choices conditioning the mind for a favorable outcome.
The bigger the lesson the stronger the impulse to change patterns that better serve you and prepares you to live a better life. It also helps when interacting with others.
I am not fond of destroying roses while doing the meditations, which are great by the way, so I replaced roses for bubbles or balloons instead.
Also, there is great information on the chakras. It was hard to choose one subject for this essay as all the chapters are "gems" of knowledge. This course helped me solidify my beliefs and create a deeper connection and foundation for those beliefs.
Sometimes, I tend to get somewhat philosophical when talking to someone about spiritual matters. This course helped bring me back to the basics clearly and concisely so those who are beginning their path can ease into this knowledge. The lessons provide stepping stones of beliefs they can grow into. This course will help everyone!  
In His service,
Dr. Rev. Nancy Kimes   
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