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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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By Jack Hook
The Fundamentalist

New Article...The Fundamentalist

Greetings my friends,

If only the British and American people could find just one real-life savior in the likeness of James Bond and Jack Bauer, the Islamic Fundamentalists around the world would be forced to reform themselves and make peace with Israel and the Western powers, or be utterly destroyed. The immense popularity of these two fictional characters, who single-handedly defeat evildoers, certainly reveals the hopes and dreams of many people in America. And nothing would please the Fundamentalists of Christendom more than to see Islam's "culture of death" reformed and brought into the community of peaceful nations, so that their sons in the military will no longer harm's way.

What does the future hold for Fundamentalists of all religions? Will there be more war or compromise and peace? Is there a real-life Jack Bauer or James Bond, having a sword in one hand and a olive branch in the other, coming to save and bring peace to the world? Is he here already? I have posted to our web site my latest article "The Fundamentalist" which, among many other things, defines what it means to be a Christian Fundamentalist. I have copied below seven excerpts from the article:


(1) What is absolutely fascinating is the latest Islamic prophecy news coming out Iran. Apparently the news is spreading quickly in Iran and other places that the long awaited Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi, is returning soon to bring peace and a New World Order, and harsh judgment upon those who refuse to go along with his kingdom plans. From what I have read the Mahdi will not be alone when he makes his appearance. He will be accompanied by his sidekick, Jesus himself, who will be to the Mahdi what Tonto was to the Lone Ranger. Can you believe this mingling of Mahdi and Jesus is happening before our eyes. What does all this mean in relationship to the trouble in the Middle East? Will the feud between the Sunnis and Shiites be settled by this coming together of Mahdi and Jesus? Does this news signal a coming change in the behavior of Iran and Syria, even Osama Bin Laden? Or will there have to be more regime changing wars first?

I just can't stop asking relevant questions. What will be the response of Christendom to this emerging news from Iran? I am especially interested in how the Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals will respond to the Fundamentalists of Islam. So far, they have been the greatest patriotic supporters of President Bush's Middle East policies and the War on Terror. How will President Bush, a professing born again Christian, react to this sensational prophecy out of Iran? Are we finally beginning to see some ray of hope for peace in the Middle East by this news? Is it possible that Iran's President will repeal his call for wiping Israel off the map, if the Jews and Christians go along with the Mahdi and Jesus connection? Or, as I asked, will there have to be a regime change first, either from within or by war?

As I understand all of this, whether there are any more regime changing wars or not, the days are soon coming when peace will break out in the Holy Land. What if the next thing that happens to the Mullahs in Tehran is the announcement that Mary, the mother of Jesus, has somehow contacted or appeared unto them, asking them to love and make peace with the Jews and Christians, and help them bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth? Are you aware that Islam highly esteems Mary, and she is mentioned many times in the Koran?

I know these questions about and comments on the Islamic prophecies will cause ridicule and laughter in some, hostility in others, but something must take place to break the deadlock or ice in the current War on Terror with the jihadist madmen of Islam, or else millions will die in a nuclear exchange. Some are saying it will take a nuclear explosion somewhere killing millions to so deepen the fear in mankind that peace will be demanded everywhere. My question, and I am sure that of most Western leaders, to all Islamic Fundamentalists who are waging this seemingly eternal war with us infidels, is this. Will you settle for a "spiritual" coming of the Mahdi and Jesus, working their kingdom magic in and through the Presidents of Russia and America, that has the endorsement of the Pope and Mullahs in Tehran? Please read the article "The Judgment Chronicles" posted on our web site for how most American Fundamentalists and Evangelicals will eventually respond to the coming Peace Covenant of the Middle East. What you will read there is not pleasant or heartwarming, and has moved me to write this article on the Fundamentalist.


(2) My Jewish friends should know and understand that soon this shallow alliance with America will disappear and once again Jews around the world will be persecuted by the new Roman Empire. Aren't the Jewish and Christian Fundamentalists in Israel and America both choosing the ways of Barabbas and rejecting the cross of Jesus when they take up the power of arms to defeat their enemies?


(3) The glorious second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ concludes what the Fundamentalists of the early 20th century considered to be the essential doctrines one must hold to be considered a Christian. With the obvious exception of the second coming, if any of these teachings were omitted or redefined in any way one's salvation was in question. This leads me to ask the most important questions of all the ones I have asked in this article. After reading and thinking seriously about this list of doctrines, is there anything missing from this list? Is it possible to believe in these six foundational teachings of the New Testament and still be eternally lost with a one-way ticket to Hell?


(4) Do you also see the danger now? The seducing doctrine of "in non-essentials we have liberty and tolerance" is designed by the fallen angels working through false or ignorant teachers to make the "meat" of the scriptures, which are designed to strengthen us in Christ and against evil forces and false prophets, something no one really cares about anyway, for it is just a matter of opinion and interpretation. These false or misguided teachers cry out for tolerance and liberty in non-essentials "because" strict interpretation only causes division at a time when Christendom wants "ecumenical" unity in their political-religious-military crusades to take "dominion" over the nations. For those among you who have been seduced into this deadly trap I suggest you also read Mathew 24:45-51. Now let's move on to the three missing foundational doctrines:


(5) I have often wondered why early Fundamentalists neglected to include the role of the fallen angels in their essentials for salvation. Even today there is very little mention of them and how they have impacted the human race. I suppose the reason is because not many people have experienced face to face encounters with these fallen creatures of God. From what I have learned from the scriptures and my personal battles with these evil beings, this uncomfortable subject needs to be included as one of the fundamental doctrines of Jesus Christ. Trust me when I say that the day is coming when the most vile of the fallen angels will publicly appear in their grotesque form and all men shall see them, while Satan and others will possess the bodies of men, Revelation 9,13. And when they do appear, the Lord Jesus Christ will also allow Michael and his holy angels to manifest themselves before men. John's visions recorded in the Revelation provide ample evidence for what I have said. Please read the articles "When Angels Appear" and "The Judgment Chronicles" posted on our web site, for more details on this subject.


(6) There remains one final piece to the Fundamentalist puzzle. I refer to it this way for without this last doctrine you are still holding on to a "form of godliness" and even though you can quote scripture verses as a seminary professor, you still are without the free gift of the Holy Spirit. And Paul said to the Roman Christians that if any man has not the Spirit of Christ he is not a true Christian, Romans 8:9.


(7) Mother's cancer was now taking its toll. She couldn't eat and was under heavy medications to ease her pain. My two sisters, Linda and Jo, and I were always at her bed side. We knew it was now a matter of hours, not days, when our mother would pass from this life into Heaven. Her last words to me before she slipped into a deep sleep were..."Jack, I want to go home and be with Jesus". As we were sitting in the hospital room I picked up the Bible and began reading in the Psalms, knowing words of great comfort were there. Mother loved the 23rd Psalm.

Her breathing became very difficult as her body was shutting down. I was now reading in Psalms 48 and I came to the last verse which said...."For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our "guide" even unto death". When I finished reading that verse, I looked up and towards the bed, and saw my mother take her last breath. Then it was like an angel had entered the room and lifted me up from the chair with my hands held high in the air, as I began to weep and cry out to the Lord Jesus. My dear sisters stood with me, and we knew that our mother's soul had left her body and was looking at her children one last time before her angel would escort her into the presence of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. My mother's simple faith and absolute love for her Lord and all people, forever defined for me the essence of true Christian fundamentalism.


Please click on the link below, then on "What's New" to read the entire article.

Your eternal friend,


Babylon the Great is Falling

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