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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Becoming a Minister

Becoming a ULC Minister

Becoming a Pastor with ULC or anyone else, was not my first desire. Back in the early 90’s when I first started an on-line ministry directed toward the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered community, I wanted to find a mainline Pastor for the ministry. But even though a couple did join the ministry, they were not willing to become its Pastor. I waited several years searching for a willing Pastor, but since there were none, I began looking into being ordained by some church myself.

You would think that churches would want to do whatever they could to spread the “Good News”, but you soon find that with most, it is their bank account they are looking to spread. If you are willing to pad their account with thousands of dollars, they will hand you a piece of paper saying you are a Pastor. But even then, you must preach according to their doctrine, or they take their worthless paper back!

The last choice I had, though maybe it should have been the first, was to find one of the internet churches who are willing to ordain without attending their seminary, or paying a lot of money. Even with this choice, most insisted you preach and run your church according to their doctrine. One of the few exceptions, was ULC I may not agree with everything ULC teaches, but my church (internet ministry for now) is my own. No one tells me what doctrine I must have, or what I must preach, or even who I can marry. This is one of the very few churches where you can run your church according to what you know to be the Truth.

          So it is here, with the “Universal Life Church” that I came to be ordained. Though I still believe that folks should be ordained to the office which they were called, whether that is Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher or Evangelist; for now there is still only the one office recognized by the churches and the government, that of Pastor. Maybe one day they will wake up, and a man or woman will be able to be ordained to the office which they were called. 

          For now we will all become Pastors and then continue on with the work we were called to do. For me, that is to reach out to those who are where I once was, and to those who have been rejected by the church for whatever reason. Until such time as I can open a physical church, it will remain an internet ministry. But at all times, it will stay totally separate from the government, even though that means no non profit org. or legal corp. status. A place where the Truth is taught, and God’s word is followed.

Pastor Glory Christensen, (2002)
International Fivefold Ministry &
Sierra Nevada Transgendered Christians.
Jamestown California, U.S.A. 

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