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Monday, July 12, 2010

Online Sermons

The Power of Faith
By Scott Phillips

Sometimes we fail to appreciate the power of faith in our life.

Faith is not always something you can put your finger on or describe in long sentences. Faith at times reaches beyond a certain task or attainment, but it is a deep-seated knowing that you are destined and ordained according to the purpose of God.

This fingerprints of Gods hand on your spirit causes you to look forward and reach beyond current realities into a place of faith. I have seen it to be true in my own life, as things have unfolded, I did not know where the turn of events would bring me, however I felt this sense of trust that God was working in the details and in the
end it would be best for me and his purpose in my life.

Often we don't have a map of where we are going. We just walk by faith. We just live by faith. Through whatever life brings us, we just walk in what we know and eventually the path leads us to what
God has planned.

Imagine the men who are the heroes of faith we lionize and herald as the examples of faith. Imagine the internal strains they endured on the journey to that place of completed faith.

If you feel the turmoil of faith arguing with doubt, you are in good company. You can see this strain in the words of Jesus as he prayed those words, "Lord, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me." Three days later he would be walking in a glorified body, fulfilling his purpose, however the strain on the human soul in
those times where pressure meets our need for preservation and security, is not easy.

However, Faith in it's most infantile state has the power to propel you through to that place of purpose. It may not seem rapid and you may not feel robust, but in a few blinks of time, you will be glad you allowed faith to be the voice you listened to.

In my mind I see a board room full Big Shadows with strong voices of reason arguing for abandoning the purpose and then I hear and see a small child who raises his hand and simply says, "I believe we should continue.."

That childlike voice is faith. As we have grown in wisdom and experience, lets not ignore the voice of faith when we make decisions.


In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips


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