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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Universal Life Church

What is Choice?
By Steven Morrey

I will now speak on something that has vexed many people for a long time, and in fact it nearly drove me crazy for many years.

Freewill vs Determinism

From my own readings and the understanding I have gained with the help of God here is wisdom on the subject.

Freewill is true in the most literal sense of the word.
Determinism is also true in the broader sense.

How can that be you say? Well lets look at the facts.

When God created the universe, he did so according to a plan, you can think of this plan as the ultimate blue print. Every Quanta (unit of matter or energy) of the universe is known to him, anything less and he would not be Omniscient which according to scripture he is.

According to Einstein we live in a 4 dimensional universe comprised of the dimensions of "Length","Width","Depth" and a fourth dimension that we experience as time.

What is time? Time is the way that we describe the movements of Quanta and is comprised of refference points. Look at a fish tank, think of the fish as matter, an all of the sudden voila! We have an easy to use example of 4 dimensional space time. As you see the Fish do not move randomly, they move in a deterministic pattern. Each quanta of matter does the same according to the will of God.

What about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle?

This is actually the easiest one to reconcile according to it "You can never know everything about a particle’s position and motion at any one time." This is simply a matter of perspective. Someone who planned it from the beginning, then created it and set it into motion would know before hand. Measurement would not be an issue, because the only reason to attempt to measure would be to come from a state of unkowing or if you preffer uncertainty. God does not need to measure anything, he is Omniscient and already knows. He knew from before the beginning, what the state, position, velocity and terms we haven't even come up with to describe the quanta of the universe, would be, therefore Heisenberg at least when it comes to God is always a certainty. Everything and everyone serves the will of God.

Well then that makes freewill an illusion right?
Wrong, even though the Universe is deterministic, you are not. This requires some introspection, at the most basic levels the following statements are always true.

"I define myself by the perceptions of my current surroundings coupled by the memories that I retain."
"I am Free to Will anything that I desire to Will."
"I am not however Free to bring to pass everything that I Will."

Will in this sense is self similar to desire, I desire to die rich fat and happy.
Using my free will I can make an attempt at doing these things, however there is no promise made to me by God that I will die rich fat and happy.

Using freewill, I can plan my actions, however the determinism inherent in the Universe will decide what I am actually capable of achieving using my "Free Will".

In fact when it comes to Freewill, there is only one true type of freewill. We willingly choose how we will feel about any given situation. That is the true freewill which God has given us, and what a blessing it is.

Here is a reasonably practical example.

Should my significant other decide that she wants to control the remote when the big game is on.

I have the freewill to decide the following course of actions and how I feel about them.

#1 Beg her to PLEASE let me see the game and possibly start a fight, thereby escalating the tension and animosity.
#2 Give her the remote grudgingly, and wonder WHY I ever chose to be with this one.
#3 Give her the remote with a smile knowing that I am making her happy, and thanking god for giving her to me.

It is this ability to choose how we feel that is what is referred to when we speak of freewill, and to a lesser extent being able to act on our feelings is also the expression of freewill.

God is love, and wants the world to love one another, love is a feeling and we are totally free to choose how we feel. God asks us to love one another, for it is the greatest gift that we have, and we can give it freely to the whole world.

But what to do if you are a person who is normally quick to anger, or who suffers from depression or some other thing which prevents you from being able to express that love that truly is within your heart?

I suggest you start each day with a prayer something like this.

"Dear Lord, Creator of the Universe, and creator of me. You know my heart, and you know that I am weak. I thank you for creating this day, as you did the first day and as you will the last day. The world and everything within it is yours my lord, and I know that I am only a tenant, whose time is short. I ask of you my lord that as I go through this day, that you will help me to be good, upright and righteous and that no evil shall pass from me. I ask dear lord that the darkness within myself be lifted, that I may know the fullness and true joy of a life that walks within the light.

And I ask dear lord that should I not find love within me for my neighbor, my friend or even those who wrong me, that you will love through me and that may day shall proceed in peace. I ask dear lord, that you bless not only myself with this blessing, but all those around me, with peace, tranquility and love. I know that all things serve your will, and I surrender myself to your will, please let me be a conduit of good works and strengthen my faith as you will. This I pray unto you oh lord eternally, Amen"


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