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Monday, May 23, 2005

Universal Life Church

There is a Flow
By Scott Phillips

Even when you cannot see it, it is still there.

This morning, I was blessed, though at the time I did not see it as such, to awake and not be able to go back to sleep. I did what I usually do when I cannot sleep; I took the time to write a few things down that have been in my heart. With that done and it was not yet six o'clock. So there were a few things I could do, so I opened the door and was greeted with a chorus of singing birds. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, darkness still prevailed, but the birds knew it was morning time, and they knew it was time to sing. It amazed me it could be that loud, and behind the insulation of doors, windows and walls the sound was completely shut out.

I went out watered the fresh flowers in the bed. After getting this done, it was only six fifteen. I then set off on a little walk around the neighborhood. Not one car passed as I walked and not one person to be seen. With the songbird chorus as my theme song, I took a leisurely stroll around the lake in the midst of the
neighborhood. As I walked around the homes that border the lake, I noticed that many of the yards were in need of water. As I was about to take my last few steps by the lake, the culvert that controls the water level caught my attention.

It has not rained for quite a few days, maybe all week, if memory serves me. No noticeable precipitation. The landscape surrounding the lake was dry, but guess what I saw? A flow of water. I would estimate it would take less than five seconds to fill a gallon bucket. In one minute you would have twelve gallons, in an hour you would have seventy-two gallons. In a day you would have over seventeen hundred gallons. In a week where there was no rain, you would have twelve thousand gallons of water.

How is that possible? There is a flow. From the surrounding landscape unseen to our eye is a constant flow. Even in the desert, if you drill deep enough you would find underground what they call aquifers or underground lakes or rivers.

The thought today is there are times we are unaware of the Spirit of God in our lives. Like the birds singing in the morning, we can be so insulated from the simple things, that it would seem the Spirit of God is quieted. It does not mean he is not there, it just means we are unaware.

What seemed like a loss of sleep this morning was really an appointment with a fresh perspective of God; of His working and His way.

His working and way is wonderful.

There is a Flow.

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