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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Universal Life Church

By Rev. Devin Krech
Spiritual Self

It is important in these times to rekindle with ones nature. We are all but spiritual beings on different paths, which lead to different places. To know your self is to know the true secrets of life, and to know those secrets is to know ones path. We may stumble from time to time, and we may even turn our backs to that which placed us here. But, is it not truth to speak of our selves as ever connected with that being, rather it be Jesus, Buddha ,Diana, Hera, what ever it is that gives us purpose?

As wiccans we seek out knowledge and as practitioners of the old ways we are constantly attempting to change things. When one practices a magical art, it can be only with half intent, and with only half the knowledge and we ask our selves why things do not play as we planned. In some cases we can have all the knowledge, know our intent, cast the circle and say our blessings, and still, no out come. And, if there is an out come, than maybe it did not work the way we had planned. So we say it didn’t work, we say that we are not strong enough, or we claim it did work.

Only you know the right and wrong of those situations. And on that hand, only you can make that change to work harder to achieve a better out come. In my experience, we have people running around watching the television shows, and then making false claims, pointing fingers, and scaring people. I ask you, is that who we are? Are we that which is truly of the dark? Are we that which is placed here to scare? And as we are finding our selves in situations where our magical working did not end the way they were intended, can we not blame others? Can we not blame others if we are the ones who are pointing fingers and making false claims.

The meaning of the term witch is different for every one. But, to me, witch means strength, wisdom, and connection. I can hold my head up proudly when I speak of my craft, I am not ashamed, nor do I go out of my way to hide it. Things do not always work as I had planned, but have they not worked out the way that our mother has planned? I am forever giving advice, and forever asking for it. I am forever amazed at the new things I learn, and that I can teach. Knowledge is the key to our ways. Knowing this, and understanding it is the key to survival.

We must know our selves in order to carry out these tasks. We must know our deity if our tasks are to work. And one must know ones spirit if that is to be achieved. We are always on our own paths, rather we know what that path is or not.

Know that you are spiritual in every day. Know that connection with your deity, and talk to them often. Concentrate on the deity, concentrate on your soul, and concentrate on your heart. We know what is right, we know what is wrong. And we know not to blame things on spirits, gods, and demons. This is why so many are led a stray. Let your spirit speak to you, let your god speak to you, and let your heart speak to you. That in a sense is your spiritual self. Knowing right from wrong, knowing that there is an ever present influence in your life that we call our deity, and knowing that all these can make a difference.

Praying isn't just for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Praying is for every one, in every religion. How can we ask that our charms, spells and rituals to work, if that which we are asking energy of does not know who we are? There has to be a connection with that energy if we are to take from it. And where does that connection come from? That connection comes from knowing them on more than a ritual basis. Knowing them on a personal spiritual basis is truly knowing what those secrets are, and truly knowing who you are.

Rev. Devin Krech
Southern Ohio Association for Pagan Practices


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