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Friday, April 29, 2005

Universal Life Church

By John Naulin
The Religion of God

I've had many people ask me what religion I believe in and dedicate myself to. My answer is "all religions" and here is the explanation of that belief:

No religious person questions the fact that God placed plants and their seeds all around the world, each in the environment where they can grow and flourish. I believe that in this way God placed the seeds of his religion throughout the world, each in a way that the people of that portion of the world could understand and could worship.

I have studied religions ranging from ancient Hopi and Hinduism all the way to the more modern religions of Christianity and the Muslim Faith. They all carry within them many similarities and the same basic truths.

We live in an age where science has become almost a religion unto itself, yet the more science learns about the history of ancient times the more the old religious texts are holding up. Why then are men still killing men over the basic human right to worship as they please? Why does one faith keep trying to win over another and hold that only their belief is the correct one when both people believe basically the same thing?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions can only be "Money and Power". For centuries religion has been used as a political weapon and force by those benefiting most by the continuation of separatist visions of religion.

I call for the assertion of logic in these times. The belief in God, in any form and by any name is a basic right, a freedom and is always good.

Encourage the belief in God. Foster the belief in Faith, and welcome all mankind into a future of unanimous religious expression!


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