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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Universal Life Church

Grapes, a single rose and sugar
By Scott Phillips

Last night after church, my wife informed me, "We have no sugar, so we have no tea." "Will you go by the grocery store and bring some home for me?" With a smile on my face, I look at those around me and say, "You need some sugar? I will bring you home lots of sugar, baby."

So as a dutiful husband, I go to the grocery store and find myself standing in the checkout with lots of sugar, thirty pounds of sugar to demonstrate my point. As I wait, a young man walks up to the line holding only a few items. He sets on the conveyer belt a bag of grapes and holds in his hand a single rose. It is late, so there are only two lanes open and everyone is standing very quietly. I turn and look him in the eye and say with a smile, "That is so sweet." He sheepishly smiles. A few moments go by and he says, "Well, I don't won't you to get the wrong Idea, but my wife is throwing a shower and needed the rose and grapes for that."

Everyone in the vicinity got a good laugh out of that.

My response was, "So I don't have to go home feeling guilty."

On my drive home I reflect on the comfort in the simple things. The things that life demands of us, at times we can miss the romance of routine. To overlook the obvious blessings of our lives, is a common fault.

I walk in the door to my home, and I am greeted with five year old Nate beaming brightly, bouncing up and down and speaking quite loudly, "I want some tea, I want some tea, I want some tea!" You get the idea. I look at Becky as I set the 30 lbs of sugar down, "Here is some sugar baby."

The romance of life is easily missed in the mundane cycle and demand of life. However I don't imagine there is greater romance than the glimmer in the eyes of family and the warmth of home.

Savoring sweet tea and family,

Scott Phillips


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