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Friday, April 22, 2005

Universal Life Church

A short sermon
By H Britain

As with all mediocre sermons this begins with a Yawn! Look back and see if they are following you or pushing you ahead as a shield. If Creator is nothing else , Creator is absolute. Don't let those who listen to "your" voice, prod you to over-zelousness in "Presenting".

If you want the Moon to hear you, whisper to the cricket. If you want to share wisdom, listen to what you told the cricket, first, Then repeat only that which bounces back from the moon.

Teaching is not Preaching louder and with more hands in the air. It IS more Air in between the preaching.Let the minds of those listening to it digest it. Force feeding caviar still makes them sick of it.Teach like touching a porcupine, quietly with the grain of the quills. Stir their souls, not their anger.

Things that may stifle a new MINISTER.

Creator's will is FREE to absorb , Is yours ?

Hope ~ to those who need it cannot be "used" to bolster the coffers or fill seats.

Keep the humility on when the lights go out and the curtain closes.

Respect~live it give it, the only Commandment.


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