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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Universal Life Church

By Petros Evdokas
Annual Lunacy

Last night, at a gathering of friends I gave a short presentation about the Lunar New Year. It was partly an invitation to tune in with the collective sense of where the largest mass of humanity is at, right now, in this sacred moment, and a sharing of what moves and inspires me as a person. It's a time to tune in with awareness of ancestral knowledge, and with a harmony to the movements and metaphysical presence of the heavenly bodies. Here's a few more of the things I tried to express last night, perhaps not very successfully.

The calendar which is currently known as the "Chinese" calendar is actually the same calendar which underlies all of the ancient civilizations, traditions, and cultures on earth. It's the only system known to be in harmony with both the Lunar and the Solar cycles. From the astronomical observatories of Chaco Canyon in the native american southwest high desert, to the palaces of Rome and the riverbanks in Egypt, the monoliths at Pachna- Cyprus, to the shamanic plains of Siberia and aboriginal realities of the dreamtime in Australia, it's been that same calendar keeping track of how we move through the creation, weaving lines around sister Moon and brother Sun.

When corporate capitalism and the authoritarian state have been overthrown, when peoples' individual and communal creative capacities have been liberated in a rebalancing of the equation labour = love = play, when the church and the state have been transcended and re-instituted as one Congregation in harmony with higher laws within which the Secular and the Sacramental will be at peace, only then, will a truly global civilization be able to emerge: the Lunar/Solar calendar will be its navigation tool providing an experiential context for humanity to experience ourselves as we spin along the helixes of the galaxy as a single conscious organism, riding the temporal vectors of the Cosmos together.

Best wishes to all for the "Lunatic" New Year.

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