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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Universal Life Church

A Connection to a Constant

Change. It is apart of the human experience. From our first moments outside of the warm womb of momma, we are confronted with the bright lights and cold environment of change. We learn how to handle it in different ways, but the discomfort it thrust upon our lives is still just as real. As we grow older we can look back at various times and think, "Awe, now those were the days...", choosing to ignore other items easy to see when they were the present that caused those living then to say, "Awe, now those back there were the days."

It occurred to me that there is only one constant in this world of
experience and that is the God we serve. His word stands forever
and his essence, purpose and plan remain intact. I remember that
feeling the first time the Spirit of the Lord first touched my heart
as a child. Now as a grown man, as I seek and search for the mind
of God and what he wants me to do, it is that same Spirit I find
connection to. What comfort it is to feel connected to great a God
and know that he is constant.

People change, churches change, organizations change, fashion and
even some absolutes for people change, but God is still the same
God. We find ourselves dealing with the same questions, asked by
different people using different words that challenge our mental,
emotional and spiritual capacities. We are pressed into that place
of pressing for God to speak to us.

The reality that came to me in a moment of honest reaching is this
revelation, "God does not change." The very same God that created
a perfect habitation for Adam and Eve, is the same God that I find
interacting in my own life. The same God that chided Abraham for
his unbelief, is the same God that chides you and I when we wonder
how God is going to pull off his plans.

It is hard to communicate in words a feeling. This evening in
prayer, I felt such a rushing revelation that brought comfort to me
to remember again, God and all that he is, is still what he always
has been. The Word he has stated, is the same Word that is
established and ordained to be fulfilled. His wisdom is right.
His principles are right. His Word is right. We will never get
smart enough, strong enough, rich enough or connected enough to
accomplish what only he can do. His word brings us wisdom, wealth
and favor, but these things will never substitute the ever pressing
need for His Spirit to be the undercurrent of power in our lives.

Solomon had it all, Wisdom, wealth and Favor, but he lost sight of
what Got him there. Israel as a Nation, with peace in the land,
living in houses they did not build, eating fruit from trees they
did not plant and drinking water from wells they did not dig, lost
connection to the very source of the blessing and in turn lost it all.

He is the Root. The root of everything we desire is going to flow
from the virtue in the root. We must get connected into this flow
of eternity, where things are steady and steadfast. We adjust,
manuevar, calibrate, realign, however down below the surface is that
life giving flow that is Everlastingly Eternally Unchanging.

Jesus is that Anchor, both Sure and Steadfast.

I have a fresh appreciation to the connection that is Christ.

It's good to be connected.


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