Onlline Sermons

We have posted a lot of sermons from our Universal Life Church ministers. Some are Christian and some are not. You are welcome to use them or just enjoy them as you like.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I became ordained

Well I can say this. I became ordained through ULC because:

1. It is a lot easier getting credentials from ULC and you do not have to build a church immediately.

2. I do most of my preaching in Nightclubs. Flogger in one hand Bible in the other preaching The Word of God in BDSM Nightclubs. How I got the nickname the Evil Wicked Cardinal of Evil. :devil:

3. I have vast knowledge of The Bible and know where most of the relics are which are described in the Bible.

4. I love a good debate on religion. I never lost a debate yet. For it is the individual on how they interpret The Bible.

5. I go to religious seminars where my vast knowledge improves religion. And, I talk on my own experiences.

6. ULC is the best place to start as an ordained minister. But, when you preach never implement ULC in any way shape or form. I never tell anyone about my credentials with ULC. I let my knowledge of The Bible do the talking.

7. People ask me where I became a Minister. I say four words. "It was my calling." Why say where you became a Minister. You build a church and call it ULC for instance it is not connected with ULC HQ. It is your church and do not break the law or implement ULC HQ in any way shape or form.

8. All ULC HQ is vouch that we are ordained ministers. Other than that you are on your own. So be smart and use The Bible. It is a powerful weapon.

9. Do not think you can evade IRS just because your a Minister. Because Churches and Ministers do get taxed. But, I do this volunteer and I accept no donations. It is Volunteer Work for me.

So; one thing always preach The Word of God, that is why we became ministers. And, teach others our religion.