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Friday, January 08, 2010

Religious Philosophy

I can only speak for myself God gave us all thing and in his word we have the best of all that is is one and only Son. His word came to us from the Hebrew Greek,and Latin. It was by the inspiration of God that the Bible was wrote to us all we need to do is read in the book of 2 Tim. 3:16-17 and believe what we read. 2.We are borrowing from all the one's that was just talking about, and we still it is the truth. Now can we say that they are doing anything wrong by taking good out of all they know to make the world a better place.I am glad it is not for me to judge. maybe we are not that much of a difference if we look at it from that way. Can we be sure of our on way of believing, and we are right, and they are wrong did we not borrow from John Calvin, and other,s.1-2. No we borrowed from others, but I don't think that what we have has diluted, and it's value has not diminished our faith.       
 2.-1. I think that more of us could learn a little from what we know about them. From what we have been reading about them in this lesson,about how they are or must be a caring ,and sensitive,socially tolerant people. I think that if you are not sincere with it the truth will come out,and I think l that is a real and good , sure way of knowing that it is legitimate, and the way that the dominant culture treats them so wrong or poorly their on government does because of their position say that they are savage's. Now how would that make you feel about our on country is it because we think our on  government is against us. More and more every day I feel that way,but we must keep on keeping on and this is the way I think. 

1. No it does not give me or nobody else the right to do just what they wont to some may like to kill,but some would do anything

1.-2 We can kill for food by this I am saying a buck we should not kill any thing just for the sport of killing for no reason at all surely not just for a rack, but as human being's we kill because it is there and no other reason to me I think if you kill it you better like it.

1.-3 No again w should always take only what is needed for us to live,and not anything more. To me that would be wrong, but I did not see it that way for a long time. Truth is I well tell you or anyone that I was like those people a few years back. That fill's like age's now that my Lord changed the stone I had we call a heart now it is soft and tender full of love for every one and every thing now I not that person anymore thank GOD because I would be died by this time.                                 

 2. Myself I think that china does not have the resource's that they need for just any kind of organic type of food as we do, but we are slowly using them up like all the other thing's in our world we are destroying it to.

  1.No I believe that we are in the place where GOD want's us to be, the Holy Spirit is our teacher and one more is teaching us that is his word that we study ,but not as much as we should. These are where we get our knowledge. When we do not the thing's that we know is wrong that is when our social advance's come to us from God by the Holy Spirit that lives in us all,and science as we know is from our bible if we would stop and think about it.      

2. The Social problem is very important and more so than the others I think not. Psychological problems are to me is also important. To be a whole and complete human so I think each one of the two is as important as the other. Only when we need them in the place where we are I believe that is when we need them the most,and I believe at one time or another we need  help from both of them. Now I think that I have confused us all long enough for now.

Rev. Johnnie Woodall


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