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Friday, January 08, 2010

Comparative Religion

This course was invaluable as well as extremely interesting. I never knew so many different religious practices existed. I was also surprised to find how similar they can be, and to reaffirm there is only one God. Some of the information challenged my own belief system. I was able to find a deep appreciation with not only my own chosen religion, but the ability to accept other forms of religion, as a means of providing ministry, to people from a variety of backgrounds. The information about Masons was interesting since my Grandfather belonged to the Masonic Lodge, and spent the remaining days of his life in care of the Masonic Lodge in Northern California.

The information provided such a background in different areas of religion, that I felt like I had a front row seat, around the world. The pictures were a big favorite of mine. I'm a very visual person, and find it easier to retain information, if I can relate it to pictures. I feel I gained a broader appreciation, and understanding of other religious practices. I'm sure I will feel pulled in a certain direction, based on my own religion. I will ultimately be able to realize that worship, comes in many forms. I especially appreciated the beautiful pictures. The illustrations were great, and even though I took this class via internet, the pictures printed out beautifully.

Praise be to ink jet color! I also found the summarizing at the end of some of the lessons invaluable. So much information was presented, it was great to re cap the important areas. I've acquired a great library, due to the suggested reading. I have found some very interesting books, which build on the information I now have. I've been able to share some of the books with my brother, and gained a better relationship in the process. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. I feel truly blessed, as I shared with my brother, he noticed a peace, and a difference in me. I can't think of anything I liked the least. Any information that makes you think, as well as challenges your soul, is great. I truly am thirsty, and can't wait to take more courses. If you had to improve any of the content, or maybe its just my perception. Some of the information went so deep, I found myself getting lost in it.

This of course is my first attempted study in a seminary class. I have taken classes as a child, and took classes as an adult, while teaching preschool at St. Angela De Merici in Brea, Ca. I sincerely want to take more classes in my endeavor to minister, to many in need. I definitely feel the Lords pull on a daily basis. I also hope to one day soon, visit ULC and make new friends. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I hope to take more classes with Rev. Kythera Ann. I like the way her information was presented. I also found some of the books she suggested, were great. I now subscribe to Sojourners magazine, and find the articles interesting. Bless all of you!

Rev. Patricia A. Vallett


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