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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christian Studies

Master of Religion
Lession 1-Bible Basics
Dr. Herbert L. Fuchs
Submitted by Rev.Eddie
Rev.Eddie R. Albertson D.D
How to have effective Bible study?
I have been going about it wrong and reread Dr. Fuchs first lesson on Master of Religion and he is right in stating don't just read the bible but make it an adventure with God and Jesus Christ,asking God to help make your adventure a achievable one in reading the Bible.
                                                   Lesson material to be sent in
1.Why the Bible reflects true word of God?
   (a) Predictions are always sound and accurate from the Holy Bible in my using of the King James version or NIV version ,"The Unvarnished Gospels"being an excellent reference source with the course.
   (b) To me when I read the Holy Bible I never have bad thoughts about God and Jesus Christ, the Bible just is a practical fact book preserved without great changes.
   (c) Logically the Bible explains prophecies in a way that you know it is of no other than Divine Origin.
 2. Explain the differences between Translations and Paraphrases?
   (a) Translations are translating each word from Greek or Hebrew exactly to the intended language.
   (b)Paraphrases add or omit words in order to communicate the original meaning from reference copies.

 Bible Course

The Universal Life Church offers free online ordination and an extensive seminary program where we offer a course in Wiccan Studies, one on the Four Gospels, several courses that are based on A Course in Miracles, several Christian Studies courses and a variety of courses on Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Development.