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We have posted a lot of sermons from our Universal Life Church ministers. Some are Christian and some are not. You are welcome to use them or just enjoy them as you like.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Master of Religion

This course taught me a lot about religion and where it began and how much it impacts our lives today.  We as a nation believe and it's our faith that gets us through those tough tests and trials that we experience in our lives. Even though there are several different levels of religion it all comes down to One Nation serving One God reaching to get to the same place "Heaven" that eternal place where there is Eternal Life". 

Out of all of the lessons that was taught I enjoyed them all but there was one particular lesson that really touched me to my heart and that was the lesson on "Paul" and how the church first got started.  It is truly a blessing to be able to freely worship as I please and not have to worry about being killed for doing it.  Paul was in a position where he thought that what he was doing was God's work when in reality it wasn't and little did he know God had a greater plan in place for Paul and was going to turn  his wrong doing to a righteous doing and he would become one of the greatest ministers and build one of the greatest ministries the world would ever experience.

That's how God works in our lives today he sees our greatest potential even in the midst of our mess.  Paul had a way with words he can sway a thousand people to kill Christians and God took that gift in him and used it for kingdom building and he became one of the greatest preachers of all time. I look at his story and I began to apply it to my life. 

I recently lost my job because of something that I see as a problem and as a result caused me to loose my job. I know that God is going to take that same problem of mine and turn it around for my good and allow it to help me see that God can take your weaknesses and turn it into your greatest strength and use you for his kingdom building!
By Rev. Sabrina Harrell


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