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Friday, March 05, 2010

Wiccaning Ceremony

Welcome new life

Preparation: Walking east along the creek bank I gather signs of new life many new wildflowers present themselves to decorate the child's day, I thank them and carefully select a few above me a robin hatches and egg and the newly cast aside eggshell falls at my feet, I thank the mother robin and I contemplate a moment on the life of the new robin child, I head east. I set my gifts to the child on a rock and I enter the water in a still deep pool of to the side of the creek.Here I rest in the water, contemplating the child as it once existed before her birth,floating in the fluid of her mother's womb.  I emerge pickup the flowers and egg and head to a small clearing were the family awaits.

Consecration: an earthen mound will be our alter suggesting the earth mother;s womb flowers will be our casting tool suggesting the gentleness of new life the egg will be our balance, balance meaning all of birth is not beautiful and easy ,birth also is marked by birthing pain and the mothers ability to bear the child.these symbols set on the mound now I bless them,"Oh earth mother who gives life to us all bless these symbols of our now special moment."

Invocation : lifting the flowers I invite the mother and the child to draw near and I set a circle around us "I expel in the name of the Goddess and her son,all evil and negative influence .I expel you be gone as the Goddess desires to bless this child's arrival on Earth and May her Powers protect this space .Finally we invite all Familiar and sympathetics those who will treasure love and guide this child. and i this blessed and safe space will protect and guide the future of this child.

Workings: then one by one I hand the flowers to the mother or lay the flowers at the child's feet and say,"May the sunrise of each day offer you a opportunity .May this second flower symbolize the deep abiding peace that you will hold ever in your heart. May this third flower symbolize a life of love and contentment always ever near and about you. may this forth and final flower symbolize the strength and courage you will have in all situations of your life.

Thanks: I thank they of goddess mother and son all powers now present be you ancestors or others spirits of love and protection and guidance.

I pick up the egg and hold it in my palm and say,And now I unmake this circle and let this egg be the symbol of our breaking into a new life a new day upon this earth.

Handing then the egg to the mother and say,your child is now earth bound is your charge good mother may the mother of all mothers ever guide your hand as you raise her.

Done by Pastor Diane L. Watkins


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