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Friday, March 05, 2010

Wiccan Studies



      In this class I was enabled to reconnect to my ideas of "Earthen Spirituality". I see magic or spells in the same light I recognize affirmations.  I don't believe one can cast a spell on me. I do believe though one can send energy . This energy affects me if I allow it to.  This I thought was very well defined in the course.  The various ways one can understand "magic".

      I also thought that the step by step personalizing ones altar was very informative. I carry my altar in many ways. I can see it as a symbolic reference point and also as actual physical structure. With my holy place I incorporate all aspects of my life. I have daily objects amongst ones I see sacred.  I feel this allows an overlap of the different aspects of my life. My house keys next to my crystals brings everything on the same awareness.

      This is what I see living a wiccan life as.  There are many many dimensions to my spiritual side, just as there is to my mental and physical parts.  The class energized my relationship to nature. It made me look at this part of my life that needed some spiritual glue.

       As an Artist I feel the act of creating could be considered casting a spell.  In my work I reflect on my visions and dreams. It a symbolic crystal ball. My poetry is a form of  a symbolic tarot card reading. I feel the overall class reflected this way of seeing or living 'magic' into one daily life.

Reverend Kurt Fondriest


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