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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Course In Miracles

 A Course in Miracles
       Dr. of Metaphysics
    I have completed the course in miracles, each lesson took on a life of its own.
This is a course for the strong and determined for it will bring about fundamental change in perception.  Changes in the perception of one person  thus brings about changes in all that surround them, for all things are connected and all things are relative.  We are all a part of the great energy some call God, touching all things living and perceived dead (not dead at all just different).     These lessons took more than just one week, each became  experiential as they exponentially evolved,  full of life changing energy. I believe Loretta wrote these with the intent to create an environment for each individual to change their world toward a more loving and enlightened place thus changing the world she lives in as well, all for the better.     
     The question is where to begin simply because it feels as if I have lived an entire life within the time it took to complete this course.  I thought I had lived a full life but what I experienced was more like being a drift in the great ocean of life subjugated to the tides ebb and flow of others near and far. There was no control of my own destiny nor creative energy, or for how I should live and create my own reality.  I did not understand that this was for me to create and not anyone else. Realization and action of these principals began with tuning out the outside influences that bombard us on a daily basis (eg. I turned off the T.V.Permanently!).  Amazingly enough this opened the doors of perception to begin seeing things just a bit different. This allowed a good look at those that seek to control us for their gain of power and a boost to their ego with little regard for our well being at all.  It is amazing how wrapped up in feeding the ego the entire world has become.  One must conceive that this ego feeding frenzy will have to self implode like a blotted tick, for how much gorging on the gimme gimme buffet line can those power hungry buggers take before they have become just meat suits with no spiritual conceptual-ism.  This exemplifies the exact opposite reasons we have chose to come to this planet.                                                                     
     Our existence here is for the experience of creating in a loving accepting manner toward all things and not for our domination or control over them. Through our thought and actions circumstances, events and things manifest into our conscious reality. We control our destiny and the outcome of our thoughts and decisions, we allow others to influence or lives or not, we make these choices, we need to be consciously aware of this at all times to guard against those that seek to do harm to this grand plan.  I believe Loretta has guided and directed each of use who took this course in a amazingly loving way to take hold of our lives to reclaim our destiny from others and from the fear that lives with in each of us to boldly create a place that the Great Mystery could be proud to live and love in.  The act of taking control of our creative energy is exactly what causes a state of being ready , waiting and experiencing  the miracles that manifest.
                                                                                   Cheryjn Rose Carson
                                                                            aka: Raven Whitecoyote  


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