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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Spirit Quest

These 30 weeks of spirit-quest was an amazing adventure of spiritual discovery and it has enriched me in terms of knowledge, meditation techniques and self-transformation. It was my first course in Metaphysics and I have found the lessons so entertaining and useful that each week I enjoyed going through them just like I use to read one of my favourite books. Something else that I appreciated and shared with Amy was her personal life experiences which I often found similar to mine.
Lesson 2, about forgiveness, triggered an extraordinary change in myself. It usually took me some time to think over peoples' rash words or feelings. I used to be perturbed when, for instance, my boss started to shout over the phone or someone just turns his back on me. I did not have the awareness of how not to feel hurt. I have learnt since then about how to get rid of the pain and how to forgive myself and others in the process. To err is human, to forgive is divine.
Lessons 3 to 7 were also fantastic for me. I wasn't really down to earth and I spent most of my time at the office working hard on computations. My place of work was always crowded and not well ventilated. The tools helped me ground myself, free my space, bring in positive energy and made me happier and more enthusiastic and improve my performance at work as well.
I found the lessons on mock-ups, chakras and about amusement invaluable. I had stuck energy which I did not how to remove. I found it hard to get what I want or balance my energy when I was in a place with lots of foreign energy. I feel more balanced now as I know how to open and clean my chakras and I feel more confident to go around as I use protection roses. I create mock-ups and destroy roses and get things done more easily. I try to see the funny side of a situation and it's magical as it brings faster and better results and it even makes people perplex sometimes.
I also enjoyed the lesson 25 about dreams. I learned about how to use my astral body. I may have developed certain pre-cognition aptitude as some of my dreams have occurred later during the week. Lesson 26 about reincarnation deals with an interesting topic such as soul age. Michael's teaching goes into more details about this and I also experienced having past lives while doing akashic records meditation.
This course is definitely the cornerstone in my metaphysical advancement. Thank you again Amy for the great course.
P.S: "Helm, take us out of orbit. And Dishen?"
"Yes Madam?"
"Step on it."

Rev. Dishen Mawven


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