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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spirit Quest

To all fellow ULC course members~~

I have worked on FORGIVENESS with family and others for years in different situations.
I never really hit quite the Bulls Eye with those letters as I did with this round of writings.
I chose to write a form of 3 letters.

When I did the assignment, I just let it all flow or, I would never get to it to start with or get this part of the assignment completed. I was amazed at how rigorously honest I could get with each one, my Creator and Medicine Helpers came to help me as I chose to focus and DO THE ASSIGNMENT! They assisted to keep things at bay and helped me to not get to distracted. I was surprised at what came out on the paper in each step of this process in this discourse.

I found; it was Honest, Non-Judgmental and straight to the point in each step of the way which helped me tremendously to stay focused and walk through it as best as possible.

I have assisted in FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS healing work for others. Now I know you receive the healing in your issues that are similar however, I have not been the one speaking of the family dynamics.

When I finished, I noticed a lightness and an understanding of others in a deeper way that I have in a long time.

As I visualized my grounding cord for this weeks work in seminary to ready self with greater protection tools. I find these are gifted to us, a chosen few~~ as we CHOOSE to LOOK for them and HONE, REFINE them, to assist with arming self with tools to destroy the buttons that others seem to push and this in turn allows in pain that harm self in all facets of one's embodiment, no matter how it enter the body.
I learned about the grounding cord and the Golden Sun with a little tweak to it.
I never understood the importance of collecting and burning off the energies.  this is very helpful key.
I understand now, these tools are to re-mind us of what we are here to do, you re-member? our our mission our purpose? and how to weave through life carrying out our Divine contract or agreement, with less things attached to us well...

Rev. Amy's discourses are to assist each of us to purify ourselves and Burnish us so we will do our jobs with; Clarity, Courage, Streangh and Love. 

I loved this one as I was able to incorporate the assistance of Sister Sun and have her help me collect those parts of my self I have spread out in and throughout my daily events.  Collecting this back up and bringing it back into me if I choose or sending it into Sister sun to transmute... great one, Rev. Amy!

I especially love the part of ...

       **RE-member to ground out energies that don't belong to you***
Before this course I learned to ground to the center of Mother Earth by descending on a Silver/Golden/White cord and tie it around a large crystal shard in the center of a cluster at the center of the Mother in the center of liquified Crystal. Anything that was not for your highest and best and/or  based in a negative not positive would be transmuted in the liquidation that is of Crystalan structure.  Only Divine unconditional love could live/exist there in this environment.

With this discourse I can now feel the movement to the crystalan base and I'm there. much quicker....

I have done this during meetings to stay focused and not be scattered, used while supporting clients in overwhealming situations emotionally, and have used this to gather more energy into self when I was needing a nap and no time allowed for this in my schedule.
Thank you Rev. Amy.
Blessings from our Sacred Medicine Circle,
Rev. Ayanvli Rick


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