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Monday, February 22, 2010

Comparative Religion

This course reaffirmed for me many long-held beliefs in the commonality of man, as well as helped me discover new connections across traditions and times that I had never known of before but always felt must exist.  I am much more confident in discussing various traditions with others than I was before taking this course, as I was at a loss for the words to describe my ideas. We are all wrapped in God's everlasting grace, though in our limited human vision we can only seem to embrace one of God's infinite versions at a time.  Imagine my surprise, learning in my 40's what I suspected to be true since I was a child: we are all children of God, by whatever names and forms we envision for our Higher Power.  Newly empowered with the right terms and a thirst to learn about my human brothers and sisters, I have reached out to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists.  My rewards are immeasurable, and the friendships I've made are strong and true and based on shared love of the spirit of God that lives within us all.  In the case of my atheist friend, it is the love of humanity that we share.
I found nothing in the Comparative Religion course that needed improvement.  I'm pleased with the content and I refer to my printed discourses often for information and refreshers.  Occasionally I would run into a broken or outdated link, but not to be dismayed, I'd google my way to alternate sites for related information and allow the journey to circle me back to Kythera Ann's material for the week.  Her writing style and presentation is exceptionally beautiful, professional, and of the quality that one finds in a hard bound book.  My expectations were not only met but exceeded and made me want to delve further into each subject when I was finished reading the discourse. 

I'm definitely going to continue learning with ULC courses as the format is perfect for me.  Living with MS (multiple sclerosis) means having to be flexible and always be prepared to go with Plan B should my true ambitions fall through for the day.  The unpredictable nature of the disease means rigid classroom schedules are an insurmountable obstacle.  ULC gives me back my Plan A and allows me to read and research on my time as my situation allows.  That translates for me into a fuller learning experience and not just an exercise in stressful deadlines and commutes.  My gratitude is immeasurable.  Finishing this course, my first course at ULC and the first class I've been able to finish since MS, means something incredibly special to me.  I am looking forward to working my way through another course and then another. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Peace be yours!
Joy Lynn Zen Rosenberg


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