Onlline Sermons

We have posted a lot of sermons from our Universal Life Church ministers. Some are Christian and some are not. You are welcome to use them or just enjoy them as you like.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mystical Christianity

Lesson 22 = Mystical Christianity = Spirituality and Sexuality:
  1. My path of spirituality (the path that eventually chose me not the other way around) is not always the easiest one to follow successfully. Being a good Christian is something which I have to work hard on everyday. Add that to the information about "chakras" and I realize just how unintegrated my life is at this point in time. Unintegrated and unbalanced, more influenced by situations beyond my apparent control than I should be. I pray to be able to thrive in difficult circumstances and recognize my strengths (not to dwell on my short-comings). When the chakras are in balance, your power is more easily tapped into and weaknesses are pushed into the background or just plain eliminated. To return to the Christian aspect because that is important to me = you think passivity is the Christian way? Through prayer (hopefully, this will help to align and balance the Chakras and help along my understanding) I have discovered assertiveness which never existed before and a lot of previously untapped spiritual energy. Some might label it, the "Holy Spirit", the Comforter, whatever it is called; I have called its guidance into my life. I need to work on so much to achieve healthy, positive balance.
  1. Most people's views of sexuality are influenced by up-bringing in one way or another. Families may discourage the topic while other parents display its healthier aspects (to a point of course) in loving, respectful relationships and open, honest discussion. Sexuality, a natural function of the human being can run the gamut from strictly procreative (void of pleasure) to favorite spectator sport (excessive, possibly dangerous (diseased etc.).Somewhere in between is GOOD SEX = freedom, abandonment to your earthly senses, enjoyment and exploration. Sex is always better with someone you trust and can talk to after the fact as old-fashioned as it sounds. Sharing the experience and caring about your partner's needs (if he reciprocates), these things are vital. All of this does not have to occur in a committed relationship or in the context of traditional marriage. I believe that responsibility, trust and love help out a lot but to each their own. Tuning your senses and relaxing to be able to enjoy pleasure are important. Your body responds more readily when physicality and mental attitudes are in sync.
3. Shadow selves are the image that you present to the world, not necessarily what an individual is truly like on the inside. In difficult times, a wrong word thrown into the ring could make a situation worse and as the lesson states, "we should have known better". Our shadow selves make the affront and our inner beings try to remedy it. The trick is balance and if I understand correctly, that's why the Chakras are so important. To be happy in our world, we do need to fine tune each aspect of physical, emotional, spiritual power and set them to work in harmony. I really need a "Chakra for Dummies" handbook because right now, my grand-daughter, an Anime (check out 'Naruto' episodes) fan could explain more about it and even some pretty complicated eastern philosophy!  
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