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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shamanism Course

Mastery of Shamanism Course
Lesson 1 week one.

1. Where did Shamanism originate?
Answer: The word shaman originated among the Siberian Tungus the term, shaman, comes to us by way of the Russian language, from the Siberian Tungus, "Saman", it refers to the religious phenomenon of "sacred" medicine men who are found in all primitive societies except those in sub Sahara Africa.

2.  What is Animism?
Answer: refers to belief in souls in a general sense. Animism is derived from the Latin word
anima/soul. All religions including Christianity see souls as separate from bodies, animism in this restrictive sense refers to that attribute specific to souls of animals, plants and other
material objects.

3.  Shamanistic practices are thought to predate all organized religions,
Answer T/F (True)

4. In America who mostly practice Shamanism?
Answer: Originally Native American Shaman were woman who practiced the craft much as did the
Volva, the female Shaman of the Norse. However, women ceased to be Shaman in North America
about 600 years ago, while the Volva, the last (known) Sisterhood to survive, became extinct
shortly after 1800 CE. About 200 years ago men created the brotherhood in shamanism yet still
continue to rely  heavily on the spiritual power of women.
5.  What is axis mundi in religion or mythology?
Answer: in religion or mythology, it is the world center and/or the connection between heaven
and Earth. It exists in virtually all cultures on Earth, although it plays a much more
explicit role in those cultures who's rituals link utilizing shamanic practices or those with
animist belief systems. It is the tree or cadusas, golden rope linking heaven and earth.

6.  What is the difference between Buddhism, Christianity and Shamanism?
~ Buddhism is not considered a religion, nor philosophy or a set of doctrines, but rather
teachings to guide for one to directly experience reality. It is also known as,"The teachings
of the Awakened One".[free Dictionary]

~Christianity is the worlds largest religion based on the teaching of "Jesus of Nasareth"
though some of the practices are similar or borrowed from the Shaman they have priests and priestesses that communicate with heaven and the angelic realm. The priestesses and priest control/direct the spirit and the Shaman works with the spirits to show the path/way.

~Shamanism main recognition is the role of the psycho pomp. They prepare the deceased
clansmen for burial.  The Shaman conducts the souls of the dead through the "Way of the
Spirits" to the nether world. (The Way, not ways, are the spiritual corridors that lead from
earth to the underworld. It differs from the Path of the Spirits which are the spiritual
corridors which extend across the earth.

7. Describe the difference between Shaman and Healer? These three phenomenon, psycho pomp, preservation of the body or resting place of the soul, and conveying myth, are the essence of Shamanism. And because Shamanism is primitive, "the first of its kind", wherever the phenomena exists, it will always have these three elements along with some form of Initiation. The healer is more like the medicine man/woman working with herbs and such.

8. Describe your own spiritual path and your belief within you to why you may be a healer or a Shaman. This is a difficult question to answer as I feel very strong affinity to Shamanism and have had for a very long time in my life. My journey has been through many theologies to find what makes sense to me and was pleased to complete a questionnaire to discover what my practice was since I tend to have many rituals. My results were neo-pagan with more of the Norse, Celtic flavour, Unity and Hindu also were very close rivals. To me the passion for animals and all life have kept my search alive. I will say, when I read about the Volva something clicked though at this point I'm not sure why.  I have practiced healing modalities of light and sound therapies which of course is the work with energies and frequencies and our physical response to these. So healer seems the right analysis just think it is really to early to tell for sure with someone like me.

9. Are Lamas and Shamans the same? It is said they are not the same because the Way of Spirit Path is to the nether world and differ from Path of Spirits which are the corridors across the earth.

10. Describe the way of the Path of Shamanism. The Shaman prepares the soul for eternity. They heal only so the soul is whole to travel the Path or Way through the nether world.


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