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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Universal Life Church

A Few Words from A Police Officer
Hi Everyone
I have never sent an email like this to everyone on my list before so I hope you all take the time to read it and think about it for a minute.

Because of what is happening all around me right now I wanted to give everyone on my email list "My Friends" something to ponder.

There has been a lot of talk in the newspaper lately about police departments and how expensive they are.  I hear a lot of talk about how much money cops make and how they are taxpayer dollars being wasted.

Recently I watched a movie in which the main character (a cop) said "We spend our lives protecting 99% of the people from 1% of the people. The problem is we have to spend our lives around that 1% and if we do our job 99% of the people think they don't need us."
It really hit home for me when I heard that phrase.  I think about all the homes I have entered in the last 10 years and how much crap I have seen that no normal person (the 99%) would believe. I know that the people living in those homes (the 1%) don't think there is anything wrong with how they live.

It has taught me how blessed I am.  It has also taught me that if you have the blessing of living your life thinking that your police department is a waste of your money, you should be thanking your police department.

Every cop has seen things they can't talk about to anyone who is not a cop.
My brother asked me why I would risk my life for what I get paid. I told him I don't. I risk my life for the people that I might protect.

Those people are you.
Is that worth what you pay?
Think about it. For whatever it's worth.

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