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Friday, January 06, 2006

Universal Life Church

ULC - Universal Life Church
By Scott Phillips

Woohooo, I feel Good!

"Woohooo! I feel good! It's a great day!" This and other types of refrains echoed through the rooms in our home early in the morning. I rolled over and wondered, "What is going on? Somebody is really feeling good!"

I asked my wife, "What is all that about?" She explained to me that Nate, our soon to be six year old bouncy boy, was excited about what lay ahead of him that day."

It really made me day; I could hear those happy refrains playing in my ears all day. His joy brought me joy. Our emotional stance is so much made up of expectations. I don't know when the last time I woke up and audibly, "WoohoooEd!" However I know that if I did, it would have a similar effect on those I came in contact with that day.

You know, later in the day I told my wife, "I sure feel good today."

"She guessed at what she thought was the reason, and she may have been right, there were a few reasons why I should feel blessed.

However, the most outstanding on that particular day was a little blond headed boy greeting his day with a Whoo Hoo.

I challenge you to consider that your expectation level and your response reverberate off the walls of the souls you encounter.

Woohhoo, I feel Good, It's a Great Day!

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips


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