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Thursday, January 05, 2006

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Where are the Intercessors?

The Tragedy of our Ages is the shrinking ranks of this worthy ministry.
What will happen when you really need someone to pray for you today?
Many of us can point to salvation and safety purchased by the prayers
of these seasoned prayer warriors. Who's safety and salvation are we
purchasing with our prayers? The legion of prayer warriors that were
raised in the fiery rebirth of Pentecost are slowly and surely passing
from the stage and we find ourselves in a situation much like that
mentioned below.

'And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no

I have sweet memories as my life has been graced by many an aged saint
who's eyes held the history of many tears and old hands that had
clutched the power of prayer in their grasp; knees calloused from seasons
of prayer and hearty hearts from bearing burdens faithfully in prayer.
The ranks of this army are shrinking and every season we see yet
another of truly the greatest generation pass from our midst and it seems no
one is stepping up to fill their shoes. As they fade away, the
replacements shrink from this weighty responsibility.

Our churches of long standing are filled with empty places where the
precious saints of God have stood as sentries of the spirit and there
presence has passed and their prayers of ceased. The places are empty,
because no one has taken the task to stand in the gap. We see it
everywhere if we will be bold enough to look, 'Where are the

We are having revival in many places in uncanny ways. If God would
allow us to pull back the veil of time and eternity we would be able to
see the benefit we are still enjoying, the benefit of prayers that are
still alive prayed by a saint that is dead. What will the next
generation do, when they no longer have a memory of these praying people?

We who live in the generation of perpetual entertainment and limitless
information. With ipods in our ears, webpages in our faces, life
filled with the clutter of emptiness. I am not talking about the
world, but the church. Can today's New Converts gain anything in our
prayer rooms?

Where will they learn the art of intercession, if there is no one
interceding? My challenge to myself is to rededicate myself to the heavy
work of intercession.

This is a lofty task can save a city! Abraham proved what we will do
when we talk with God, we will be moved from inaction to tireless

A burden to save a fruitless tree? We see through the conversation of
the keeper of the vineyard in his words, 'Lord give me one more year!
Let me fertilize it, Give me one more chance to save the tree!'

This calling requires no degree or special intellect. It only requires
a heart that can catch a glimpse of what is important to God. Let us
enroll in the army of intercessors.

Can you hear the call to re-dig the spring where tears come from?

To reprime the pump where prayers are birthed.

Interceding for the Intercessors.

Where are you? It's time to reach and save them through the
unfailing arms of prayer. Some will only be reached in that place, that
undeniable realm of intercession. Will you heed the call and on your knees
fall? If you don't pray, they very well might be lost. Thier destiny
rests on your williness to pray.

Let us Pray!

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips


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