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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Growing a Garden Where God will Go

A few years ago, I watched as my little boy was mesmerized by a
butterfly. I remember thinking, the key to having butterflies, is to have a
garden where the flowers grow. If you plant the flowers, the butterflies
will come. It is along this line of thought that motivates me towards
this endeavor I find myself in.

To grow a garden where God will come. Mere men cannot accomplish what
God can do. I hunger for the Spirit of God. A fresh glimpse of his hand
is what I have set my heart on. To build an altar where heaven touches
earth and lives are changed.

To be broken enough to see shattered lives made whole.
To be humble enough to see the Glory of God displayed.
To be transparent enough to help others see Christ.

“a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief:

There are some things that are only accomplished through careful searching and honest prayer.

This world does not need a new marketing campaign or catchy song; this world is looking for what can only be found when God is wrapped in flesh. This cannot be accomplished by will or wit. This cannot be faked or performed. This can only be brought about when the hearts of people are willing to bow down and seek the face of God. We all have heard of the power of prayer, but can we, do we really pray?

Oh Lord help us today.

To see Christ in the revelation that can only be perceived through tears. To hear him in that way only heard in the searching heart that is sincere. Life and its struggles at times cause a wall of callousness to grow where we deal with our walk of the spirit in realistic and ritualistic terms. But the call of the Spirit is not in meat or drink. The call of the Spirit is to cultivate a fresh work of God and His Spirit in your life.

In the Beginning God looked for Adam in the Garden. I believe that if we will give him a chance, he will walk with us today in a garden. Eden, God planted it. Today, it is a garden that we cultivate. Let us set our hearts to plant the things that brings the heart of God near. Honesty, humility, sincerity, mercy, forgiveness and the list could go on.

We are promised if we will hunger and thirst for righteousness, we shall be filled. Let us cultivate hunger. Let us ban from our lives those things that would quench the spirit of God in our lives.

Let us grow a garden where God will come. We need a work of the Spirit to move in our lives. For our own sake. The impact of this will have wide reaching effects. It will impact our children. It will impact our spouse. It will impact our church. It will impact our city. If we will individually begin to do things that will attract the movement of the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty. Where the Spirit of God is, his word will operate. Where the Spirit of
God is walls are broken down. Where the Spirit of God is anything is possible.

What we need is the moving and working of Gods Spirit in our lives.

Let us all grow a garden where God will come!



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