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Monday, October 17, 2005

Online Sermons

Universal Life Church Poetry

When the lesser part does its part.
By Scott Phillips

The Reason to Keep Standing

I was walking through the house when my wife showed my on the computer screen a video of a plane flying through the air. She explained to me that it was a Jet Blue passenger plane that had been flying around in the air for a number of hours because of a malfunctioning landing gear. A short time later she called me in as we watched it slowly land with back tires first and slowly dropping the front tire gently down on the tarmac. On first glance you
could see that the tires were positioned sideways, so the momentum of the plane was going across the tire.

Almost immediately the tire started smoking and a few moments later the tire began to
ignite in a bright flame.

My wife and eye held our breath and prayed that the front tire assembly would hold. When the planed finally came to a stop, a
great relief and celebration for the safety of the plane and over one hundred and fifty occupants. My wife said, "If I was on that
plane, I would be shouting!"

As I reflected on this event, it occurred to me that the life and fortune of all these rested on a part of the plane that gets very little attention. On some yesterday someone in a airplane plant
gave special care to assemble this important part. In the meantime, maintenance crews made sure it was strong, so when trouble came, the assembly held together. When the smoke cleared and the
fire was extinguished, all of these exited the plane because a small piece of the plane played its unique role and passed the test it was designed for.

No matter your function or skill, you also play an important part.

When the pressure is on and it seems the easy thing would be to give in and give up, remember there are others who are trusting in you to stand, even when you have done all to stand, continue to stand.

You are important and you can handle it. Don't buy the lie that it is more than you can bear, you can bear it, and you can hold up, you have a special reservoir designed in you that will uphold you.

Keep Standing, no matter how insignificant you feel.

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips


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