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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Universal Life Church

Universal Life church
Cherish the Choice of Love
By Dr. Ronald P. MacIntyre

Love is not a feeling or game to be played like a game with no rules but, to say one quits or one wishes to make rules that only they will play the game of Love by.

What is love when love has so many unfounded rules to live by.

To say a man loves a woman for feelings of birth and family. To have that till,? death do we part ?.

A relationship only to sneak about to find other relationships that have no meaning, but, of a lust that last only long enough for one quick desire of flesh.

Even for a man to love a man is no different then that of a man loving a woman or a woman loving another woman.

Is not love something of meaning and understanding of two people who have committed and cherished each other in a time of truth, or, was it just a moment of lust felt a the moment of desire?

When I think of love, I think of friendship and a relationship of trust, understanding and knowing that it?s held lovingly and tenderly to the heart. A Heart that sings out sounds of soft sung songs of beauty and a pleasure of contentment that means never to venture to just a moment of lust without feeling.

So that means tenderness is felt in the warmth of another persons arms, those feelings are feelings that go deep within.

Only I, and I mean only I can feel that love and no one else can feel that deep willingness to touch that untouched feeling or tear it away from my cherished soul.

The heart is one. One within it?s only moments of sweet tenderness that only one can feel openly and honestly enough to say,? this is love and a love of my own self?.

A self who knows those special times of happiness, and tender dreams of feeling deep inside the memories of each hurting false love of past, yet, also moments to have and cherish, that were also tender within the heart that is like a treasure chest of love that was once gold. Gold that is filtered through the fingers and as it drifts towards the soft green velvet grass without a sound , you quickly grab onto the pieces be collected and cherished forever, locked away to be memories of those tender golden moments.

Moments so long ago and yet so fresh in each new passion of which is fresh with each new love.

Cherish and hold onto the time spent for today, and why it is today. What happened to yesterday and for what will happen tomorrow will not be as the happiest as the moment that is with you now.

Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. May we be yellow, black, green or blue. Whether we believe God takes us to Heaven or not. One God a spirit, one God an idol that resembles various objects of being. Yet one representing a symbol of Love that to whom every God gave to all to cherish.

To my understanding love is gentle, kind , and giving. Not hurt, selfishness, and to destroy what is given as choice to cherish.

I am who I want to be and give my love to who I love, and be for the person That I love.

He made you in his image and gave you love from birth. So let that love be for all to share and be nourished with the thought that we are as we choose to be no matter what is going on in life.

Do not let humanity destroy this love with false images of no tomorrow. Bring forth the love for there is tomorrow.

Cherish choice of love today and choose the moment to change to the moment of now in love.


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