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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Universal Life Church

Miracles Are Everywhere
By Rev. Amy Long


Today I'd like to talk about miracles. I'm a strong believer in miracles. I believe that miracles happen every day, all the time, everywhere. The trick is being able to recognize them when they occur.

There have been many words spoken over the last several months about all the helpful beautiful, miraculous people who got a chance to shine in the aftermath of 9/11. For that reason alone, the tragedy could be seen in a different light. For a time, people felt good about their ability to help others and to perform miracles of their own.

I've seen this sort of amazing demonstration myself. About 9 years ago or so, I was very sick with cancer. I was looking for my miracle cure and, in the process, finding many other miracles along the way. I was also getting sicker every day. In my case, being a stubborn ol' so and so, I needed to become too sick to defend myself against a miracle happening. I say defend myself because that what I had always done and what many others do all the time. I was going to take care of this myself and force a miracle to happen.

When I became very ill, I found that I needed help. I still wasn't quite ready to ask, but I got it anyway. One of the first was at the grocery store. I shuffled in, took forever to get my groceries and stood in line at the check-out. The checker looked at me and said, "You look like you're not doing very well. I'd like to come over and help." The first miracle was that she asked and the second was that I let her. She did come over; she emptied my trash, cleaned up my kitchen and generally tidied up. I tried to make conversation and perhaps start a friendship, but she told me point blank that she was just doing a good deed and that was all she wanted. I was shocked. I still think about her, nine years later. I don't know her name either.

I'm pretty sure she was an angel.

Submitted by Rev. Amy Long

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