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Friday, March 04, 2005

Universal Life Church

By Queen Mother - Constance Ekon
Excerpt from 'Angels Cometh'

Chapter 6
The Angelic Path

"If we had made it an Angel, we should have sent him as a

Quran: Sura VI - Verse 9

Through our history most religions have professed a particular belief in Angels as messengers or servants of God. Many Angels have come to us in the form of spiritual beings with super natural powers. We have imaged them
with wings being able to fly and even they can just disappear. This is the power endowed upon them by God, as being sent to perform an Angelic charge.

Angels were given and imagined with wings to give them the level above humans because; people have always felt that there is power in being
able to fly. Yet, they would generally, appear in the form much like we are use to
seeing in our everyday life. When Angels appeared it is usually to certain
people that are spiritually charged, that will communicate with them.

We have been taught that Angels have powers above humans. This is the power endowed upon them by God.

The nature of God is in the earth and the entire universe therefore; God can summon any part of creation to the Angelic path. It can be a man woman child animal the winds such as storms the waters or whatever God endows
the spirit of Angelic behavior.

Now, to embark on the Angelic path as a natural person you must be chosen by God just as the spiritual Angel is chosen by God it is not an impossible task for almighty God to send a natural human being on the Angelic path
to exhibit the will of God through methods that is unexpected of others.

God so loved the earth that man was created in the nature and the image of God and above all of creations given the abilities to be a creator. God has given us the ability to perform superior duties with wisdom and knowledge above all other earthly creations.

We also have the abilities of being an Angel should God decide to use us in that way.

When Angelic events happen it will be of some form from the earth and that event will be of a phenomenal understanding. Remember the powers of God.

Moreover, it should be no question in your mind about humans obeying the call of God to walk in the path of Angels. Therefore, prepared
yourself to be commissioned as an Angel for the sake of humanity.

God has given us dominion over all that was created on earth. God put the control of
our earthy processions in the hands of man.

Meaning that man is the supreme being of earth, the caretaker of the earth. It is our
responsibility to protect and govern the earth.

Many of us have disregarded our given rights as protectors of the earth. I believe God have given this message to bring people back to their original commission of caretakers of all the earths inhabitants. Bring us back to the path of righteous, in an effort of willing us to save ourselves.

Even though, you may not understand what is coming to you in this message. Angels will be summoned to earth through natural human beings to protect the earth from the devastation of man.

Ponder these words for a while.

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Peace be with you.

Queen Mother


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