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Friday, December 10, 2010

Universal Life Church

I was ordained on January 9th 2004 and finely performed my first wedding ceremony this last October 15th, 2005.

I offer my services at no charge and I'm pretty much referred through friends and it looks like I have two more weddings coming up next year.

I deal with a lot of people that are into Cars (Hot Rods) Motorcycles and clubs that are associated with the hobby etc.

I appear at several automotive and motorcycle charity events each year. I am directly involved with most of these shows and oversee charity auctions and other fund raisers for the underprivileged. A lot of these shows are presented on sundays and I would like to be able to offer short services, opening and closing prayer and blessings if asked.

I belong to 4 different clubs and associations one club that I belong to called the "Early Riders". Currently we have over 100 members. I am the youngest at the age of 48. The majority of my club brothers and sisters are my senior of 15-20 years of age. Our members lived pretty ruff and tumble lives back in the 50's and 60's what I refer to as the survivors. There are a good many of them that are now experiencing the trials and tribulations of age.

On and off we end up with members in the hospital, and recently we have had a few pass away. We also just have had a couples that get married!

Some of these these people are God Fearing and that of the Christian faith. However many of them are not linked with any specific church, either that or they are pretty much agnostic. My goal is not to start a church but to offer services of confront and joy and advise to those in need of spiritual healing and confirmation of their faith what ever that may be.

Even though my faith lies with Christ I have never been able to agree with any church. I am not a fundamentalist. I have a very open mind and so therefore through out the years when trying to join a church I've always bumped heads with other members.

Christian fundamentalist may say that I am one that is luke warm, only to find out that I am red hot.

I am one of those types that associate God, Christ and other spiritual entities as pure energy beings and therefore consider them in the form of extraterrestrial not of this world.

I believe that God or (gods) created our universe. (Big Bang?)

Our bodies are carbon based the same as all physical elements that make up the universe, so therefore man was created by God. We run off of electromagnetic fields or electricity. The brain stimulates the physical components with of the body with electrical signals. The mind and soul are completely separate components that are composed of pure energy.

In short I believe that God and Christ have nothing to do with a specific church. Belief is not found in a church is found within oneself and the personal relationship that you have with them which can be found through spiritual meditation or prayer.

I was baptized a Methodist, raised as a catholic, have studied religion of all types and even practiced what I called white witchcraft as a young adult to find out later it was referred to as Wicca. I still practice methods of Wicca today because as a belief it is very diversified and seems to mostly be free from fundamentalist rule. I will have to admit, however, that there are a few things even with Wicca that I don't agree which mostly has to do with the way it's founder confirms a Wiccan. I was bound to a Wiccan for 7 years and we seemed to get along just fine during that time. Unfortunately we are no longer together but that had nothing to do with our spiritual beliefs.

My beliefs are very deep and can be somewhat confusing. So I am currently working on a web area for the general public that will testify to my beliefs and will post when I feel more comfortable about it so folks can get a better understanding of who I am.

To keep it simple I am here for the good of all and only for good and for those who seek my services in faith whatever faith that may be.

I am really very grateful that I have been led to this group and the ULC. And look forward to the future.

Once again thanx to all.... Rev. Moldy / J.W. Hillinger
A.K.A. the Moldy one

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