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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Online Sermon

Children of the Creator, Children of our Earth Mother:
Points to Ponder:

If you wish it so, take a moment to be thankful for all you have been given, all that you have, that which good in the eyes of the Creator. The Lord's day is upon us, ponder that which happened last week, that which you will engage in this week anew.
Hours ago some called it Back Friday, that day when the Holiday season begins, at least for the Commercial Retailers. Allow me to share my "Good Morning Sunday", for you, it will not take all that long-promise.  
Father grant us, your children Peace because your hour draws near, grant us Peace all of our days here on this Blue marble-we call Earth. Grant us peace as we toil this new week, for we know it is no one who toils longer nor harder than you-Dear Father. We ask that the Spirit of Peace descend upon us, for we ask this for all of your children, Father send your Spirit of Peace, to dwell among the children of Father Adam, and Mother Eve. Dearest Heavenly Father, we recognize it is from you and your will, that Justice and righteousness, can and soon will be among your Children. Humbled, with great prayer and fasting we recognize Peace will only be upon the Children of Man, your children, when we follow your will, your laws. We ask Dearest Father that the Great Spirit of Peace walk complete with our neighbors, our enemies, our families. We are instructed, tested, healed and cured, by your will, we ask that the Spirit of Peace prepare the way-Amen.
Some of the kinds of things I am asked to do include: Blessing a Mom in the making, and the new mother, blessing the Litte People-children's' actions/activities/school/play areas/living & sleeping area/the blessing of animals of all kinds/ candles and wreaths-since it is that season/ candles year round/food & beverage and sacred icons at holidays and non holidays/blessing a trip it can be work or recreation or day trips/counseling for the spirit and soul/ anointing of the sick, ill and terminally ill. Sometimes a child or any child of the Creator will ask: Why is this and has this been deemed so important to us? My reply: The loving care for the Soul, the uniting of the family of humanity; because we are given freedoms of belief-for some the belief is ok but not the sacraments; so that we experience the closeness of God; to commune with the Spirits of God to aid in of being alive-to enhance our Faith.
So what sort of training or experience is needed beyond faith and belief? Do you ask for specific skill sets, or is it my personal belief system you ask, if it is the latter-we speake of the first-first. What sort of Community Service is it you do or have done in the past- why, they are your brothers' and sisters'. Explore communication techniques and systems for the Care and Feeding of the Soul. Explore systems and techniques that address conflict resolution-so each side is an equal party-do you mean a talking stick. Sometimes this can work, if there is an answer feather as well. Co-equals, all of the time. It fosters understanding and harmony. It helps to understand other peoples religions, we are all children of the Creator-if we can and do accept them as they are, and they as we are-there will be peace, and understanding will follow. Are these essential truths-Yes. Is it true what people say about you, that you talk to the animals', and they to you? I also speake with the clouds, trees, waters, the air, the trees, the rocks. How about a mailbox, it is made of compounds found in or on Earth, if it is organic, it has a voice; it must for it is part of creation. Love thy neighbor is not just Two Legged, it must be all of our neighbors. What about meetings, and conferences or conventions? If it is  of man you seek answers to the ways of man-then seek man. If it is the ways of the Creator, then one must go to Creator, if it is of  the animals-you must go to the animals/tree/or whatever you seek to find answers from. Sounds a bit like not in reality or not normal.  Ok may I ask a question of you-sure. Is the world in which you live in-REAL? Or is of this world?
Are you saying this world is not real? I am saying this world is-Of this World. You look a bit confused. Yeah I am, what is it that you spend the most amount of time each day or week or month or year doing? Why? That which you do the most is that which you worship. So church isn't just one day a week thing? No, it is all day-every day, if not then you are worshiping this world-not Creator. So I should quit school and become a Priest? NO, school is not a 24/7 kind of thing. School helps you to understand and fit in with people/society/your brothers' and sisters'. Why can't I be just who I am? You are-but society is part of the solution for some needs you have, other needs are met by God. When you start something, include God; when finish something include God; when doing or going somewhere include God. I don't understand? It is really simple-include God in all that you do; everything you have, do, and keep-it is from God. Then why do we have church? Church is people coming together in unity and peace to worship and learn of God. So it isn't the building? No it is not, that is a building-not Church.
People say you protect animals, is this true. Yes, and I give toys to shelters for animals, and food treats for the shelters of animals of all sorts. Is that why you have so many bird feeders and bird baths? When man takes lands that were once the home of animals, man must give back to these same animals. The bird baths are really not so much for cleansing, are they are playgrounds for the birds to play in. When the shelter animals are in cages they need stimulation to fight off boredom and separation from their Pet Parents. Pet Parents? When you adopt any animals and make it part of your family, they are dependent upon you for all of their needs. Like a baby? Exactly. I also donate blankets,  bath and beach towels to the shelters. It provides not only warmth, but acts as a snuggle buddy.
What about when people or animals die? There are rituals and rites, and for some, ceremonies that take care of this. Why is saying good-bye so hard to do? Saying good-bye to any loved one is always hard. Think of it like this-their spirit has learned all they needed to know to move on. They now or soon will again, be in the Light of Creator. This is where they came from, and came down here to learn and grow. They did, so now they are home again. But it really is hard to still be here. It is part of what you need to learn and grow. Appreciate life and all the gifts of Creator, learn and grow. Then why am I so sad. To learn!

Thank you for this opportunity and service>lb

p.s.: Now and then make room for a used Golf umbrella, and a couple blankets. I go to St. Vincent de Paul Society Thrift store and Goodwill thrift stores to find these and other items. I donate them to one of the many Animals shelters nearby. Golf umbrella make wonderful tents for the invalid and critter babies to get some air, out in the exercise area. No exercise area is bad news, probably a "Kill Shelter" or a farm for "Testing Subjects", this latter I associate with intense animal cruelty. The "Kill Shelters" put the animal down within a few days if not placed into new homes.


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