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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Universal Life Church

It seems every Christmas story has to have a Scrooge, from Hallmark dramas to children's books. The reason we always write a jerk into our holiday stories is because it's true. In real life there's always a jerk. 

Today, I want to encourage you not to be a Christmas jerk. Don't be the Scrooge. It's all too easy. Maybe you're expecting an Xbox and you get a sweater. Maybe you're parents have to tighten the belt and you have fewer packages under the tree especially you teenagers admit you do like those expensive items. Maybe Christmas is a tough time because you're reminded again of the dysfunction of your family. Perhaps you wish you're family would be like the others who seem to have it all together or have all the money. 

Or . . . maybe you're stressed out because you have a ton of stuff to do. Recitals, plays, people, parties. 

The circumstances and environment around the holidays make it all too easy to fall into jerk mode. And I'm saying, don't let it happen. Why? Because, of all people, it is Christians who should be full of joy on Christmas. Why? Becasuse this is the celebration of our Lord and Savior's story, how God moved dramatically to rescue His creation by sending Jesus to live, first as a baby, then as a growing boy, and then as a man. 

Christmas is good news and let it be known. It is God's entrance into the world. God didn't stay in Heaven, he moved to become flesh. What a powerful story we have in Christmas. 

One of the questions we should ask is How do you avoid becoming a Christmas jerk? First, Think about the story. Go back to the chapters in Isaiah and Matthew and Luke. Remember why we celebrate. Second, go with the Christmas flow which I mean is hold your Christmas plans loosely. Remember its about love, about giving, about peace. So if you get stiffed on the Xbox or that Ipod or that cell phone, let it go. Third, find ways to give back this Christmas and remember God loves a heartful giver. Is there a needy child, a program at your church, a community center that needs you're time and perhaps you're money? Give.  Fourth, don't get hung up on frivolous stuff. Don't be a Christian who whines about everything that you think that things should be, or about. Just fight against those with genuine, Holy-Spirit-led Christmas cheer. That's not being nice.

Strive this year, to be part of the good at Christmas. And leave the jerkiness to Hallmark Channel, and others.

Love & Blessings,

Pastor Robert G.

Merry Christmas from The Griffus Family.

Universal Life Church